‘Golden Bachelor’ Winner Spotted Wearing Ring Ahead of Finale

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist, and Leslie Fhima.

Heavy/ABC The "Golden Bachelor" winner may have spoiled the season early on.

The winner of “The Golden Bachelor” may have given away the show’s ending in a photo she posted on Instagram.

Warning: Spoilers for “The Golden Bachelor” below.

On November 21, 2023, Reality Steve confirmed that Gerry Turner is engaged to Theresa Nist. As it turns out, some fans noticed that Nist appeared to be wearing what looked like an engagement ring back in September 2023.

In a post uploaded on September 17, 2023, Nist cuddled with her nephew, Nico. With her arms wrapped around him in a hug, some people saw a sizable bauble on her ring finger.

Here’s what you need to know:

Theresa Nist’s Ring Sparked Chatter That She Got Engaged on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale

In a Reddit thread started before the “Golden Bachelor” finale spoilers, a couple of fans debated the ring in question.

“I saw a pic on her IG from September 17 with her nephew. Looks like she has a big engagement ring on.. anyone else notice it?” the OP asked.

“Theresa has one ring on her right hand on the ring finger and one ring on her left hand on the middle finger,” someone else noted.

“A lot of widows switch their original wedding and and/or engagement rings to their right hands, especially if they start dating,” another comment read.

“My sister said these might be cocktail rings,” one Redditor suggested.

It is unknown if the ring that Nist was wearing was the one that she received from Turner on the finale or if it was another piece of jewelry from her collection. However, Reality Steve confirmed that Turner and Nist got engaged.

Theresa Nist’s Other Instagram Activity May Have Hinted That She Won Gerry Turner’s Heart

Some of Nist’s other Instagram activity suggests that she was the last woman standing on the finale.

For example, she was liking some of the comments left for her on her posts that implied she was engaged to Turner. Some of the comments that Nist liked are below.

“You look really happy Theresa. I wonder why,” someone wrote on Nist’s post on October 28, 2023.

“Fingers crossed that you get the rose. I think you are the perfect match for him,” read a comment liked by Nist on November 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, fans have been paying close attention to any and all clues leading up to the finale. During a promo, a woman could be heard saying, “You made it sound like you chose me,” while sounding emotional. Many fans thought the voice sounded exactly like Leslie Fhima.

To make things even more evident, Turner’s ex Faith Martin gave an interview with Extra during which she said that she saw something between Turner and Nist very early on.

“I did notice that he kind of had a thing for Theresa right from the get-go. I did not see it with Leslie but obviously their relationship was growing too. So my thought going in was if he gives a rose to Leslie first, I know I’m going home. I just knew it might be then between Leslie and Theresa,” Martin told the outlet.

Martin was sent home by Turner after the Hometown Dates.

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