Zach Shallcross & Reported Winner Each Post Pics at Same Restaurant

Zach Shallcross Terry Black's

Heavy/ABC "The Bachelor" Zach Shallcross recently raved about Austin's Terry Black's Barbecue.

Fans of “The Bachelor” will not get the chance to watch Zach Shallcross hand out his final rose until the season 27 finale airs in late March. Despite that, spoilers have already been floating around regarding how things apparently end in this journey. Shallcross and his final lady cannot be out in public together, yet, but a couple of recent social media posts have some fans suspecting they are subtly confirming the spoilers that have been swirling.

Warning! Major “The Bachelor” spoilers ahead!

Zach Shallcross Recently Dined at Austin’s Terry Black’s BBQ

On March 4, a screenshot from one of Shallcross’ Instagram Stories was shared on “The Bachelor” sub on Reddit. The post was a photo taken from the parking lot of Terry Black’s Barbecue in Austin, Texas, which is where Shallcross lives. “The Bachelor” star added text that read, “Best BBQ no question” over the picture he posted that highlighted the restaurant’s signage in the background.

The reason that particular Instagram Story seemed significant to some fans of “The Bachelor” was because Shallcross’ supposed final rose recipient had mentioned that same restaurant just a couple of days prior. According to spoiler king Reality Steve, Kaity Biggar received Shallcross’ final rose, and the two are reportedly engaged. Biggar also lives in Austin while on a travel contract for nursing, which is certainly convenient for the two lovebirds. They cannot do something as overt as going to a restaurant together yet, but both Biggar and Shallcross referencing the same local restaurant within days of one another seemed unlikely to be simply a coincidence.

On March 2, Biggar was a guest on the “Click Bait” podcast, and host “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile asked Biggar if she’d had any good barbecue in Austin. She mentioned both Franklin’s and Terry Black’s, and when asked to pick one, she decided it would have to be Terry Black’s. “The Bachelor” star admitted she loves their pork ribs and “I could crush those, they’re so good.”

Kaity Biggar Posted About a Trip to Terry Black’s Too

On March 12, “The Bachelor” Reddit sub shared a screenshot from her weekend Instagram Stories, and she was enjoying some ribs at Terry Black’s. She tagged the restaurant in her story and held a rib up to her mouth as she started her meal. This outing generated a fair amount of buzz among “Bachelor” fans. Several Redditors familiar with Austin pointed out that Terry Black’s is a very popular restaurant there. Since both “Bachelor” stars currently live in Austin, it’s possible both Biggar and Shallcross enjoy dining there and meant nothing by both posting about it within days of one another. Not everybody thought it was that simple or disconnected, though.

“They aren’t even trying to be subtle,” one Redditor quipped.

“Giving each other little signs….kinda cute, I can dig it,” added another.

As a couple of Redditors pointed out, photos showing Shallcross and Biggar together right after “The Bachelor” final rose ceremony recently emerged, which confirmed the previous spoilers from Reality Steve. Even though those photos have surfaced, Shallcross and Biggar have to tiptoe around blatantly spoiling their engagement for a couple more weeks.

“I think they’re having fun within the boundaries of their contracts,” suggested someone on Reddit.

“I think they’re just having fun teasing at this point lol but this one was pretty obvious,” concurred another “Bachelor” fan.