‘The Voice’ Fans Think Coach Is ‘Failing’ Contestants

The Voice Coaches

NBC Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend, together.

Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” think that one season 21 coach has been failing their contestants throughout the season.

Ariana Grande is the newest coach on the show, but some fans think that the superstar has been doing a disservice to her team members. As of December 3, 2021, she is the only coach with only one group left in the competition, and some fans think that her remaining group will not make it through to the finale.

Both John Legend and Kelly Clarkson won their first season on “The Voice” with their artists, so Grande has some big shoes to fill.

Read on to find out why fans think Grande has been having difficulties throughout the season.

Some Fans Think Grande Pushed Artists Too Hard

In a thread on Reddit about Grande as a coach, fans expressed their opinions, with many saying that she did not make good choices with her contestants, and she chose songs for them that they were not actually capable of singing live.

The thread also says that Grande has made poor choices about which artists to keep on her team throughout the season, including keeping Raquel over Hailey Mia, who is now on Team Kelly and could win the competition.

One comment refers to Bella DeNapoli and Ryleigh Plank, who were both on Grande’s team earlier in the season. The comment says that both Plank and DeNapoli were given songs to sing that were out of their ability range.

“It was pretty clear, early on, that Ariana’s team had problems with this,” the comment reads. “I made the comment at the time of the lives that she might be better off letting her entire team go and just picking from the castoffs in the other teams.”

She likely did encourage her team to try harder and push themselves while focusing on vocal health, as her earlier team gift of a vocal wellness kit demonstrated.

“Maybe it’s like the old adage about basketball players not making good coaches because they assume and expect their team members can do what they did when they were playing,” the comment concludes.

Grande Seemingly Adores Her Contestants

One comment says that Grande’s biggest weakness is her attachment to certain contestants, specifically Jim and Sasha Allen, the one group left on her team.

“We all think it, Jim and Sasha absolutely do not deserve to be there in comparison to literally the rest of her team,” a comment reads. “They’re there because Ariana constantly promotes them more than anyone else and Sasha in turn uses her fan base, and this whole situation left with her more than likely losing this season, it set her up for failure.”

Fans have repeatedly expressed their annoyance with Grande for keeping Jim and Sasha around for so long. More than that, some fans think that the coaches have been overly positive toward all of their contestants rather than handing out any constructive criticism.

Fans Also See Positives In Grande’s Coaching

One of the main things the coaches on “The Voice” are in control of are the songs that their artists sing, and some fans think that Grande has been making some good choices for her contestants in that regard.

The Reddit thread has nothing but praise for Grande’s song choices.

“For someone like me, who has been watching the show since the beginning, I am so tired of listening to the same overused songs that have been done on the show a hundred times,” the poster wrote. “And for once, she brought the freshness, songs that have never been sung on the show. Ballsy and risky, but some paid off.”

Unfortunately, the post goes on to say that that freshness may not sit well with viewers who like predictability and seeing more common choices.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time (live) and Pacific time (recorded) on NBC.

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