‘The Voice’ Alum Morgan Myles Reveals Huge Career News: ‘Dream Come True’

Morgan Myles

Heavy/Getty Rising country star Morgan Myles

Seven months after coming in third place on “The Voice,” Nashville singer-songwriter Morgan Myles continues to make a name for herself in country music. Myles, who was a member of coach Camila Cabello‘s team during season 22 of the series, just revealed the huge news that she’s landed a record deal with Los Angeles-based KZZ Music and Blue Élan Records, with new music about to drop.

Myles told Heavy her contract is a “dream come true deal” — a huge relief after nearly two decades of trying to make her mark and watching her star slowly rise. While she’s built a great team around her as an independent artist, Myles wasn’t sure she’d ever find a record label that truly understood her goals and artistry.

But just before filming started for “The Voice,” she recalled, she was introduced to the record company by a friend in the industry. In February, she started talking with label president Kirk Pasich.

“I remember just being blown away by his passion for music and his way of helping artists,” Myles told Heavy. “They are not only giving me a dream come true deal that I feel completely safe in — one I never thought could exist to be so pro artist — but also, they get my versatility as an artist and embrace my uniqueness.”

Morgan Myles Signs Record Deal in Los Angeles

Months after her first conversation with Pasich, Myles signed on the dotted line in Los Angeles, sharing the news via Instagram on July 27, 2023.

“I’ve been wanting to feel safe and surrounded by good people and God finally lead me here.” Myles captioned her post. “It’s been over 18 years of persevering in Nashville and what’s crazy is we’re now just getting started.”

KZZ Music, built by Pasich and music producers Zackary Darling and Zachary Ross, says it aims to take artists like Myles to the next level, from album distribution to promotion.

Myles told Heavy that fans can expect “lots of new music coming out” including songs she’s been working on for close to three years and a Christmas duet that she wrote. Her first single with the record label, titled “Vertigo,” will be released on August 8 and is available to pre-save now.

Fans and friends celebrated the news on Myles’ Instagram post, including some fellow alumni from “The Voice.”

Season 22 comrade Kim Cruse wrote, “Congratulations boo! ❤️” and Omar Cardona added emoji applause with, “👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽”

Singer Bekah Liechty of season 21 winners Girl Named Tom wrote, “Congrats Morgan!!!!! 🌸🙌🤭”

Morgan Myles is Still Close With ‘The Voice’ Castmates Brayden Lape & Bryce Leatherwood

Among those cheering on Myles are two of the Top 5 contestants she became especially close with on “The Voice” — teen singer Brayden Lape and winner Bryce Leatherwood. Both have collaborated with Myles on music and the trio reunited on July 29 to play a sold-out crowd at the “Sunflower Concert” at in Michigan over the weekend.

“I absolutely love the family of friends we made on the show,” Myles told Heavy after the show. “We were so close and we went through something that most can’t understand and we have that connection. Bryce, Brayden and I were all very close from day one and obviously share the love on the country genre.”

In June, Myles and Lape, whom she often calls her “lil bro,” played a series of East Coast concerts together, and even teamed up onstage to perform her recent duet with Jake Puliti, “I Don’t Love You.”

“We’re truly family, that’s a bond you can’t break after a crazy experience like that,” she said. “We are all just trying to support and encourage one another, I love them all. So proud of everyone!”

Myles told Music Mayhem Magazine in February she took Lape under her wing midway through their season on “The Voice” because his parents asked for some guidance.

“I think he is such a good learner and he is a sponge right now, and he listens so well, and he is super, super grateful for everything I’m doing for him,” she said. “And yeah, I just want to help him in any way I can, and, hopefully, he won’t have some of the setbacks I experienced. I just want him to be surrounded by good people because he is a good kid.”

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