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Niall Horan Reveals What He Learned on ‘The Voice’

Niall Horan’s first season on “The Voice” went about as well as any first-time coach could hope for.

The 29-year-old joined Kelly Clarkson, fellow first year coach Chance The Rapper, and Blake Shelton, who was in his final season, as the coaches for season 23. While each coach went into the Top 5 live finale with at least one singer on their team, including Shelton as the only one two, it was Horan who proved to be victorious.

He helped guide Gina Miles to the season 23 win on “The Voice” as he took home the win in his first season. Grace West of Team Blake finished as the runner-up. Horan will also be back in the fall for season 24, according to NBC.

Niall Horan Reveals What ‘The Voice’ Coaches ‘Reiterated’ to Him

As a first time coach and the youngest among the four on “The Voice,” Horan was able to take in a lot of things from all of them. He tells American Songwriter that they all told him one common thing to help him moving forward.

“They reiterated to me that it’s important to stick to who I am,” he said.

That’s something he has reiterated himself while on his media tour for his third solo album called “The Show.” He said in an interview with Official Charts that the time to himself during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed him to be more introspective with this record.

“It made this album better because I had time to think,” Horan said. “They always say that you have your whole life to write your first album and, you know, a few weeks to write your second. So it was good that I had that amount of time to make the third and I think you can hear that I’ve taken time over it.”

Niall Horan Shared What His ‘Voice’ Gameplan Was

Clearly Horan’s approach to the NBC singing competition in his debut season on “The Voice” was a smart choice. He revealed in his interview with American Songwriter that he wanted to connect all of his team’s individual performances into something bigger.

He said this was his way of allowing them to see what is and isn’t for them.

“When I started on the show, I wanted to make mini-albums for my team,” he said. “I said to them, ‘Let’s find out what your interests are and make each performance from the same breath.’ I wanted them to find what their thing is and what it isn’t.”

He continues, “That reiterated to me that I should keep doing that myself. ‘Follow your instincts and do what you’re good at.’”

Horan’s third album released on June 9, 2023. He will head out for a 2024 tour as part of “The Show” album release.

When Horan returns to “The Voice” stage, he will be joined by three different coaches. Reba McEntire, who previously served as a mentor, will step in for the first time as a coach. John Legend and Gwen Stefani will both be back after each took some time away from the series.

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His fellow coaches gave him so great advice.