‘The Voice’ Coaches Compete in Drinking Games

The Coaches play Keg Kurling

The Voice / YouTube The Coaches play Keg Kurling

The competition on “The Voice” season 22 is as heated as ever, and with each coach advancing to the semi-finals with at least one singer left, it really is anybody’s season to win. To blow off some steam from the competition, this week the coaches went outside to test out one of the drinking games featured in Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, and Nikki Bella’s new game show “Barmageddon”, which premieres on Monday, December 5, at 11 pm Eastern on the USA Network.

The four coaches were split into two teams of two, with Gwen Stefani and John Legend teaming up against Shelton and Camila Cabello in a round of Keg Kurling, which they play on “Barmageddon”, which is normally filmed at Ole Red, Shelton’s bar in Nashville.

See the coaches compete below.

John Legend & Gwen Stefani Beat Blake Shelton ‘At His Own Game’

Keg Kurling is much like its namesake sport, curling, or shuffleboard. Equipped with large brooms, each team takes its turn pushing beer kegs on wheels toward a target at the far end of the lane.

During the segment, Daly divided up the coaches into two teams, and everybody was pleased with their pairing, but not for long. “I was extremely excited to be paired up with Camila… at first,” Shelton said to the camera after Cabello overshot her first keg. Shelton put the first points on the board, but the coaches knocked each others’ kegs out of the way multiple times before the game ended.

In the end, Legend and Stefani beat Cabello and Shelton with a final score of 6 to 3.

“We held our own, and we won, and now we can shove that in his face,” Stefani said of her husband. Legend agreed, saying this win was “better than beating him at ‘The Voice'”. Legend also told the cameras that he and Gwen “beat [Shelton] at his own game, folks.”

Who Has the Best Chance of Winning ‘The Voice’ Season 22?

“The Voice” semi-final performances begin next Monday night, December 5, 2022, at 8 pm Eastern, live on NBC. While eight artists have advanced to this semi-final round, each coach has lost a different number of singers.

Each coach entered the Live Playoffs with four team members. After the Top 16 performed, every team except Team Blake lost one member with the eliminations of Kevin Hawkins (Team Gwen), Sasha Hurtado (Team Legend), and Kate Kalvach (Team Camila). The next week, the Top 13 performed again for viewer votes, and Team Blake survived the night again, sending all four of his artists on to the Top 10. Team Legend also made it through the Top 13, meaning the only eliminations that night were from Team Camila (Eric Who and Devix) and Team Gwen (Alyssa Witrado).

This week, the Top 10 became the Top 8 when Team Blake lost its first member in Rowan Grace, and Team Gwen lost another in Kique.

As it stands now, Team Blake and Team Legend are the likeliest to win the season, as each team has three singers still standing in the competition. Team Camila and Team Gwen are still in the race, though their odds are slightly less, with only one team member left.

See the full roster of remaining contestants below.

Team Legend:

  • Omar Jose Cardona
  • Parijita Bastola
  • Kim Cruse

Team Gwen:

  • Justin Aaron

Team Camila:

  • Morgan Myles

Team Blake:

  • Bodie
  • Brayden Lape
  • Bryce Leatherwood

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