‘Sister Wives’ Fans React to Major Development in Janelle & Kody Brown’s Marriage

Janelle Brown

YouTube Janelle Brown speaks out in the "Sister Wives" "Tell All."

Sunday night’s episode of “Sister Wives” on TLC was an intense one, and the preview for the upcoming “Tell All” had jaws dropping. As viewers saw during the December 11 episode, Janelle Brown was the target of a major rant from her husband, Kody Brown. He talked about feeling angry and betrayed, and separately, she said she did not deserve to be treated that way. In the preview for the December 18 episode, which is the first part of a multi-episode “Tell All,” a bombshell dropped. Fans have been speculating this particular development should, or could, be the case for a while now, and the preview revealed it was true.

Here’s what you need to know:

Janelle & Kody Are Separated

As intense as Sunday night’s episode was, it was the sneak peek for the next show that really got “Sister Wives” fans talking. The “Tell All” will feature interviews with Kody and each of the wives, but separately. Toward the end of the spoiler-filled preview, which was shared on TLC’s Instagram page, came a major revelation: Kody and Janelle have separated. While there will obviously be more details shared during the next episode, the network included enough to seemingly confirm the couple is not currently together.

Not only did Janelle say, “We’ve been separated for several months,” but Kody also said, “Janelle has made it pretty clear to me that she’s enjoying her life without me.” The preview that showed on TLC Sunday night, and one posted by TLC on YouTube, also showed Kody revealing, “Yes, we are separated,” and in another variation of the clip, he noted he was separated from Janelle and divorced from Christine.

Fans Went Wild Online After the ‘Sister Wives’ Episode

There had been both speculation and signals that Janelle had decided to separate from Kody over the past few months. Many “Sister Wives” fans were hoping to see it happen, and the last few episodes of season 17 certainly seemed to move in that direction. It wasn’t until the preview for the “Tell All,” however, that an actual separation was verbalized.

“Life after polygamy should be the title of the new show with Christine and Janelle,” suggested one “Sister Wives” fan on Instagram.

“Oh, so happy to hear Janelle is [on] her own!!! She deserves so much better!!” added another.

In the “Sister Wives” sub on Reddit, multiple threads about Sunday night’s show, and that telling sneak peek, popped up. The preview with both Kody and Janelle confirming there was a separation had viewers cheering.

“I literally gasped when I heard that,” one Redditor shared.

“I replayed that part like 5 times,” added another.

“Janelle smiling away… I love how Christine and Janelle are basically gleeful while the other trio just gets more and more bitter and angry. The perfect illustration of toxicity in real time,” noted someone else.

What comes next for Janelle? “Sister Wives” fans may learn more about her plans as the “Tell All” episodes play out and season 17 officially ends. That was certainly the case last year when Christine officially announced her decision to leave Kody. Christine has shared on social media she has been filming new content, so it seems fans have plenty more to look forward to as these complicated relationship dynamics evolve.