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9 Best Shearling Coats for Women: The Ultimate List

The best shearling coats for women are the perfect way to ward off winter’s chill, and whether you’re looking for faux or for real, they’re cute, comfy and super toasty.

On a budget? A faux shearling coat can give you a luxe look for less than two hundred bucks. But if you want to splurge on a real shearling coat the costs can definitely skyrocket to three or four times that. Is it worth spending that kind of money on the real deal?

According to the experts at Shearling.com, real lambskin and sheepskin shearling coats are naturally waterproof and wind resistant. They can block out the cold and damp weather blues, while surrounding you with softness as well as gorgeous style. Those that feature Merino shearling offer fine soft fur, while Toscana shearling serves up a long and luxurious fur look.

While faux shearling isn’t quite as durable as the real thing, you can jump off the guilt trip train about wearing authentic animal furs or hides. The other big advantage, besides a smaller price tag, is that these manmade textiles are often easier to care for.

Since we’re all about giving you the very best options, we’ve rounded up the ultimate collection of shearling coats and jackets that will hold you in good stead, whether you’re looking for something purely playful and fun, or you’re searching for a full-on fashionista find.

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