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17 Best Gold Watches for Women: Your Ultimate List

Nothing says elegance quite like a gold watch. Whether delicate or bold, understated or over the top, women’s watches are making a real resurgence as the go-to glam fashion accessory. So pocket your smartphone because, with a flip of your wrist, you’ll always know the time and be proud to show it off.

These gold watches for women are a great gift idea for every wife, daughter, mother, or girlfriend for any special occasion. Here are the best gold watches for women in 2023:

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Why Would You Want a Real Gold Watch?

Your watch choice says a lot about you - it might indicate that you’re sporty and sassy, or reflect the fact that you're glamorous and gutsy. From sleek and sexy, to full-on bling, we’ve rounded up the best, most interesting women’s watches to help you start your collection.

Real gold watches for women run the gamut. Traditional yellow gold watches, once the most coveted, now share the spotlight with white gold watches, rose gold watches, and the seriously popular mixed metal styles, that allow for more flexibility when pairing them with your other jewelry.

To keep it easy, we've also sorted them by category, beginning with luxury brands.

If you don’t have the budget for a 14K or 18k gold women's watch, there's no need to fret. The metal market has exploded with affordable options. That means there are great gold-toned ladies' watches that feature timeless style and will look great for a long time to come.

Best of all? Price points vary, so you can afford to buy two or ten, unless, of course, you're shopping for that Rolex, which might be a once-in-a-lifetime splurge.

The best gold watches for women are guaranteed to impress, and since time flies, grab one now while they're still available.

What Makes the Best Luxury Gold Watches?

We start our list of favorites with the best of the best - real gold watches for women. Made from 14k and 18k gold, these watches are undeniably luxurious, but they're also durable enough for daily wear. Pure, or 24 karat gold, would be too soft, as it easily scratches and dents.

And, because these luxury gold watches are typically more high value, they make for excellent gifts for events such as retirement, anniversaries, or even Valentine's Day.

Why Would I Want a Gold Plated Women's Watch?

Gold plating is another option that creates more durable timepieces, at far more affordable prices. While these are still showy, they use a base metal, such as steel or brass, which is then dipped in gold.

To create the color range (in both 14k and 18k gold and gold plating) from yellow, to white to rose gold, the gold is alloyed with copper, silver, nickel, or other metals to achieve the desired color.

Are Gold Tone Women's Fashion Watches A Good Value?

Gold-tone metals are popular in women’s fashion watches. Gold-tone simply means they share the same variety of colors as real gold, but there is no actual gold in the metal itself. Colors are created through the same alloy process mentioned earlier, using a variety of metals.

These fashion watches offer long wear and style but without the high price of 14k gold ladies' watches or gold plating. These women’s watches are still really great-looking and will deliver high-quality timekeeping at affordable prices.