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11 Best Men’s Rain Boots

Rain boots have evolved considerably in the past 30 years. They used to be your average, run-of-the-mill, rubber boots that served their purpose but weren’t very fashionable. Today’s rain boots are completely different, super stylish, and pair well with your outfits. These are the most fashionable and comfortable rain boots you can buy, and we know because we have tested and tried all of the best men’s rain boots to give you the best reviews.

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Men's Rain Boots: A Boot for All Seasons

The obvious is that rain boots are great for the rainy season. We get that. But there are other seasons and reasons that call out for the use of the rain boot. One reason they can be used year-round is that rain boots tend to not be lined with cold-weather protection. Rain boots are, by and large, men's rubber boots that are just that: rubber boots. And rubber boots = ready for the muck, regardless of the season.

Winter is the other obvious time for rain boots. Men's rain boots work just great in the snow or, if you're not in a snowy locale, they work great when Mr. Winter brings on Mr. Muck and you need some protection (which is why they're sometimes called "muck boots.") But even when it's summertime, there are times when you might be doing some yard work...some volunteer work...some kinda messy job that will let you say, "Aha! I've got my Wellingtons!" (Wellingtons = a type of rain boot). There's just something very satisfying about getting the rain boots messy instead of the hiking boots, the sneaks, the sandals or, Shoe Gods forbid, the Chelsea.

As for this list of men's rain boots, we're plunking down the 11 arbitrarily, we're not ranking them. We do point out the height of the boot (which is determined by measuring from the arch to the top of the "shaft" -- the top part of the boot) and we have included a variety of heights. We also list any other important details that each boot might feature. Now take a look at our list of 11 Best Men's Rain Boots 2020 and get out there and be dry and fashionable, no matter what time of year it is.

Men's Rain Boots: Some Go Withs

The presupposition when you talk about men's rain boots is that they're going to be worn, usually, for practical reasons. You gonna get wet and muddy, you gonna need boots that can handle it. But maybe you're just going for a look. Some of the styles in our list would work well.