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21 Best Men’s Watches Under $100

If you are looking for a great watch but don’t have the cash to spend hundreds of dollars finding one, this list was put together specifically for you. There are plenty of solid watches out there for $100 or less, and we have put together a list of the best men’s watches under $100 to make your shopping a bit easier and save you some serious coin on a great-looking timepiece.

*Some watches will fluctuate in price from under $100 to over $100. All of these watches are of great value for what they do and how they look. If you are looking for a great deal on a great timepiece you have come to the right place.

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How We Approached the List

Ariel breaks it down into three categories: Perspective, Style, and Volume.

First, don’t let the lower price point weigh on you. Your perspective is what counts. What you like is what you like, regardless of price. You can find a quality watch in this price range, too. Just because there are watch snobs out there doesn’t mean there aren’t good watches at this price point. 

Second, we’re seeking out watches that have a bit of style, some panache. Watches that are “dashing looking,” to put it in Ariel's terms. Too often, he says, cheap watches for men “aren’t very original looking, well-made, full of personality or, even, cool.” This list, then, is comprised of watches that are “easy on the eyes with a good design.”

Third, it pays to pay attention to some of the well-known names because of volume: they've been making watches -- and a lot of them -- for a long time. Well regarded and rock-solid watchmakers like Seiko or Timex or Casio are so big, that they’re able to bring some of their pieces in at lower prices. That’s good for those of us with a Benjamin budget!

The key to getting a good watch under $100 is you: it's about your taste. The biggest reason for getting a watch is simple: you like it. And if you're giving a watch as a gift, make sure that you not only think the recipient is going to like it, but that you like it, too. Personal taste can be tricky, but it's never chancy to send the message: I like this, and I think you'll like it, too. To the person receiving the gift, it means that you're sharing something that's meaningful.