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15 Best Men’s Dress Sneakers: Your Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to Planet Sneaker, where the dress sneaker sits at the head table. The world of men’s sneakers is populated with many sneaker species, so let’s bust it down to a category that will bring some serious updating to your closet. This list will finally get you ready to step your kicks game up. Check out your buyer’s guide to the best men’s dress sneakers and get a leg up on looking good in both formal and casual situations.

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Men's Dress Sneakers: A Definition

Men's dress sneakers are super comfortable and very cool. More importantly, they're versatile and indispensable. They've become a necessity for the man who wants a complete wardrobe. This category of kicks has been racing up the list of "must-haves" for a few years now, and the trend continues to grow.

So just how did men's sneakers not-so-sneakily move from the sports side to the stylish side? It may have started with a certain type of consumer: the sneakerhead. Sneakerheads are the people who, back in the 80s, camped outside shoe stores for the latest Air Jordans drop. It may have started as a niche fad, but the fad grew into a thing and that thing is huge now. Sneakerheads spread their passion through social media and gatherings like Sneaker Con, a huge convention that takes place several times a year in cities worldwide.

The passion for sneakers found its way into the streets and, then, into the closets of celebrities. A major move forward came from the rap music industry. Rappers have a commanding cultural presence -- in music, fashion and much more -- and sneakers have been part of that niche for a long time (anyone remember Run DMC's Adidas Superstars?). The entire category started strong and continues to be white-hot. Take a look at this video from The Wall Street Journal as they discuss the trend.

Dress Sneakers for Men: A Versatile Shoe

Dress sneakers aren't just dinner out and wearing a pair of Chucks. (Although that works.) Dress sneakers aren't just expensive, high fashion kicks like these $700 Gucci croc sneaks. (But they can be.) Dress sneakers are a pair of shoes you can wear casually or nicely. They work with shorts, jeans, chinos, or a tux (when done right).

It'd be easy to hit you with fifteen really expensive sneaks so the money makes it look like you're buying magic. But, instead, we're going with a variety of great looks at a variety of price points. Ready to take a spin around the dress sneakers globe?