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21 Best Snowboard Jackets for Men

Snowboarding gets more and more popular every single year. The sport has risen in popularity with exposure in the X-Games as well as the Olympics. The right gear can help make carving down the mountain even more fun as well as comfortable. Buy one of these snowboard jackets for men and hit the mountain in style as you carve your way through winter.

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Comfort is the number one objective when looking for the perfect snowboarding jacket. You don't want to be weighed down or restricted while trying to turn tricks on the half-pipe or on the rails at the park. Lightweight but fully insulated jackets will keep you on the mountain for the entire day without having to take breaks because you get too wet or too cold. Make sure you get something with enough pockets to hold your gear on the chair lift or when you are in the lodge grabbing a drink. Obviously, style is an important factor when getting a jacket that you need to last you years and years. Get something that reflects your unique style and personality. 

What's Really the Best Jacket to Snowboard in?

If you really want to snowboard then rock the brand that created the sport. Burton is the godfather of modern snowboarding and their gear is the perfect gear to carve down your favorite black diamond.

The North Face tests their gear on Everest, so why wouldn't their jacket be a top pick for a couple of runs on your favorite hill? This jacket is made for snow and sub-zero temperatures. 

Armada makes a great jacket with room to move. If you are looking for something to hit the halfpipe in or turn some flips at the park then this is a great choice. You will have the freedom to flip, grind and carve all day long in this jacket. 

Which are the Best Winter Jackets for Men?

Looking for a jacket that will protect you from the cold and snow? Then Gore-tex is going to be one of the best fabrics or materials to keep you warm and dry. This Burton jacket features the fabric throughout for added warmth and insulation.

This Armada jacket also features Gore-tex which will keep you toasty warm from the top of the hill to the lodge. Highly insulated and highly fashionable no need to compromise on one or the other. This is the perfect cold-weather jacket. 

This North Face is double insulated and comes in a ton of color choices. No matter your style or wardrobe you can rest assured that this brand has a color that is perfect for you. Also, there are a bunch of sizing options so you can find the right jacket to fit your size and needs.