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13 Best Gym Bags for Men

If you can motivate yourself to get to the gym and work hard when you’re there, you need a bag to hold all of your gear. The days of wearing your shorts and sleeveless tee under your outfit are over. Invest in a gym bag that will last with our list of the best gym bags for men. Never miss your gym day again by keeping all your gear in one super convenient place.

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Men's Best Gym Bags: Two Basic Styles

We're breaking our list down into two basic styles of men's gym bags:

Duffel Bag Style Gym Bag
Backpack Style Gym Bag

There are other types of gym bags, like the gym sack, or the briefcase style or a tote style. They all have their place and might work out just great for specific situations, but we're going for more versatility. Something like the Grip Power Pads bag doubles as either a duffel or a backpack, but we're getting a bit more specific in our suggestions.

Duffel Style Gym Bag - A classic duffel bag is oblong with one or two straps. That's it. A men's gym bag in the duffel style is, usually, a bag with compartments. Zippered pockets. Places for workout gear and electronic devices. A big bonus to the duffel style gym bag is that it can usually be used for travel, too. It makes a great weekend bag and has that additional room that you might need if you're packing an extra change of clothes for heading back to the office.

Backpack Style Gym Bag - A backpack, traditionally, is a little more accommodating to just throwing in the workout gear, but with the backpack style gym bag, you're going to get more versatility and, just like with the duffel style, more practicality out of the compartments, etc. A backpack-style gym bag is great for simplicity: basically, all you're gonna need is the workout gear when you're just going to the gym and back. You don't need extra room for another change of clothes or toiletries (although many backpack style gym bags can certainly accommodate these things).

Easy Three Minute Workout: The Video

Before you exercise your mind on which bag to cop, how about a quick reminder about what it's all about? You're a gym guy and you're getting in shape! Whether you're just starting out with the workouts or you're a veteran, this three-minute workout from Bowflex is super easy and gets the blood pumping. Even though it's from Bowflex, it doesn't require any workout machines. A good mat is recommended.

As you set out to pick the right gym bag, make sure you have a good idea of how much you'll be storing in the bag on a regular basis. If you're always, or occasionally, going to be including a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and a full complement of toiletries, make sure the bag you're getting will work for that.

If you know you're just going to be throwing in a towel, some workout gloves, and a notebook to keep track of your machines/reps/bicep size (you animal), get a bag that works accordingly.

We've included the dimensions of each bag, sometimes with the total cubic inches of interior volume. We're sure you're gonna love your new bag, no matter which one you choose from our list of the 15 Best Gym Bags for Men.