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15 Best Resistance Bands for Workouts

best resistance bands for workouts


Skip the gym, or augment a workout session with a resistance band. You can use them with your favorite home gym essentials, such as a Pilates reformer or vibrating platform. From basic weight training to more advanced workouts, here are the best resistance bands for home workouts.

What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Workouts Right Now?

resistance loop bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Useful for all levels
  • Anti-roll design
  • Made with a latex and cotton blend
Price: $9.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Online workout guide
  • Five resistance levels
  • No rubber smell
Price: $9.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
workout bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Sturdy enough for heavier body types
  • Comes in single band or set forms
  • Bands can be combined
Price: $44.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance tube Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Five available resistance levels
  • Easy to transport
  • Durable rubber construction
Price: $14.92 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gym bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Available as individual bands or sets
  • Designed for frequent, heavy use
  • Made with commercial-grade rubber
Price: $18.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance bands for legs Amazon Customer Reviews
  • User-friendly resistance markings
  • Color coded weights
  • Ideal for all levels
Price: $10.69 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pull up bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Door anchor included
  • Non-slip handles
  • Color-coded weights
Price: $24.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance loop bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Set contains five bands
  • Designed for all fitness levels
  • Lifetime warranty
Price: $17.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for lower and upper body
  • Useful for toning and rehab
  • Wide and comfortable
Price: $13.63 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance band set Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed to tone legs and butt
  • Set includes three bands
  • Light, medium and heavy resistance
Price: $9.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
latex free resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Latex-free material
  • Designed for lower body
  • Color-coded resistance levels
Price: $15.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes in five levels
  • Odor-free material
  • Includes an eBook
Price: $13.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
resistance band set Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Multi-layer construction
  • Available in several weights
  • Wear-resistant design
Price: $8.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
exercise bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Ideal for most workout routines
  • Targets muscle groups
  • Several resistance options
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resistance bands Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Two eBooks included
  • Several resistance levels
  • Ideal for athletes of all levels
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set

    • Set contains three sizes and resistance levels
    • Digital workout guide is included
    • Easy to transport with the included carrying case
    • Bands aren't adjustable
    • Not as stretchy as latex bands
    • Some complaints of an initial odor

    If you’re tired of bands that roll down during workouts, consider the Victorem Resistance Hip Booty Bands Set. Each band is sturdy and durable and won’t slip, so you can complete your favorite moves.

    The set features a blend of cotton and latex material, which is comfortable yet stretchy enough for workouts. You’ll find three sizes and resistance levels, making the set a practical choice for all abilities.

    If you could use some help getting started, simply follow along with the included digital workout guide. You can use the bands for various exercises, such as lunges, hip raises, straight leg raises, squats and glute bridges. A carrying case is included for easy portability.

  2. 2. Fit Simplify Resistance Bands

    • Made with natural latex material
    • Includes instructional booklet and eBook
    • Each band is tested before it’s shipped
    • Some find them a bit too short
    • A handful of consumers note that the bands occasionally roll up during exercises
    • May not offer enough resistance for more experienced users

    These durable resistance bands are made with a natural latex material and are ideal for a wide variety of workouts. There are five distinct resistance levels to choose from based on your fitness level. Each band is hand tested before it’s shipped to ensure the highest quality product. An instructional booklet is included along with an eBook to help you get started. You can also consult the online video workout guide.

  3. 3. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

    • Available in five resistance levels
    • Ideal for improving chin-ups and pull-ups
    • Useful for Crossfit athletes
    • Lower resistance bands are a bit narrow
    • Some complain of a strong rubber smell
    • Pricey

    These Crossfit-oriented bands come in five resistance levels and are sold individually except for the four-band set. You can choose an individual band or add resistance by combining them. This resistance band is geared towards those who want to improve their chin-ups and pull-ups. The blue band offers the highest resistance level and is ideal for exercises such as dead lifts and squats.

  4. 4. SPRI Xertube Resistance Band

    • Can be purchased with and without a door attachment
    • Protective handle sleeve for added durability
    • Grommet reinforcement helps extend the life of the sleeve
    • Not available as a set
    • Latex construction may not be appealing for those who are sensitive
    • Tubes can't be shortened

    Each SPRI Xertube Resistance Band can be purchased with and without a door attachment, making it a versatile addition to your home gym. The band comes in five resistance levels, ranging from very light to ultra-heavy.

    Tube lengths vary from 44 inches for very light and light to 50 inches for the medium and 53 inches for the medium to ultra-heavy bands. Each band is also color-coded to avoid confusion if you have more than one.

    A durable rubber construction makes the band more resistant to tears and abrasions, while a protective handle sleeve adds an extra element of stability. You can use this exercise tube for a variety of strength and conditioning moves, including Pilates and injury rehabilitation.

    When you’re done, simply fold up the band for storage or place it in your gym bag for easy portability.

  5. 5. DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Bands

    • Adjustable connection varies the band's resistance
    • Workout guide is emailed once the order ships
    • Long enough to use for shoulder presses
    • Black band isn't adjustable
    • Has an initial odor
    • Handles are mostly hard plastic

    You can choose individual DYNAPRO resistance bands in levels ranging from five to 10 pounds up to the highest 35 to 50 pounds. A set is also available with a complete range of resistance levels. Each band is made with high-quality commercial-grade rubber material that’s designed for frequent and heavy use.

    These bands are also highly flexible and stretch enough to perform shoulder presses and similar exercises. If you need to vary the resistance, simply use the adjustable connection to change the length of the band. However, the highest level black band isn’t adjustable. You’ll get an emailed workout guide once your order ships.

  6. 6. Your Choice Premium Resistance Loop Bands

    • Comes with light to extra-heavy bands
    • Designed for lower and upper body workouts
    • Available in two color options
    • Initial latex odor
    • May roll during use
    • Bands aren't very wide

    Keep it simple with this user-friendly resistance band set, which includes four color-coded bands and visible markings so that you can clearly distinguish easier from harder resistance levels.

    The light and medium bands are most suitable for beginners, while the heavy and extra-heavy bands are recommended for intermediate to advanced users.

    If you’re looking for resistance bands for legs, you can use the set for your favorite glute and leg exercises. These bands aren’t just designed for the lower body, however, as they work just as well for your arms, shoulders and even your core.

    When you’re done working out, you can pack the set back into the included carrying bag. If pink isn’t your color of choice, this resistance band set also comes in a multi-color pack.

  7. 7. Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

    • Set includes five resistance levels
    • Total weight is 150 pounds
    • Made with natural latex material
    • Set only has one set of hand loops
    • Some complain of an initial rubber odor
    • Door anchor isn't the highest quality

    This resistance band set includes bands of different resistance levels, from 10 pounds up to 50 pounds. Each level is a different color. Regardless of level, every band in this set measures 48 inches long.

    You can use the bands individually or combine them for a more intense workout. The set offers a maximum of 150 pounds. These resistance bands are portable and easy to use, and work well for toning the chest, shoulders, arms, glutes, legs and more.

    The set is made with natural latex material, which stands out for its longevity and absorbency. Non-slip handles make for a safer and more effective workout. This set comes with a door anchor along with a user manual to help you get started.

  8. 8. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Mini Loop Resistance Bands

    • Workout guide is included
    • Comes with a carrying and laundry bag
    • Designed for a wide range of uses
    • Material isn't very thick
    • Bands could be wider
    • Prone to rolling

    You can increase the intensity as you build strength with this versatile set of resistance bands. The set contains five bands, each of which is color-coded and is marked with a visual resistance guide to help you keep track.

    These loop bands range from light to extra-extra-heavy resistance, so you can continue to use them as you gain strength and fitness. Each loop band is designed for multiple upper and lower body exercises, from squats to bridges to hip thrusts and more. You can also stretch with these bands.

    A lifetime warranty provides extra peace of mind.

  9. 9. TheraBand Resistance Band Set

    • Available in two resistance levels
    • Color-coded progressive resistance
    • Each band is the same size
    • Resistance level isn’t imprinted on the bands or the included booklet
    • Very basic instruction book
    • May cause skin irritation among those who are sensitive or allergic to latex

    If you’re looking for a resistance band set with higher resistance, this advanced set ranges from 5.8 to 10.2 pounds of resistance. You’ll find two color-coded bands, each of which can be used in various ways.

    While the set is designed for rehab and resistance training, you can also use it for general strengthening and toning. A combination of positive and negative force stretches and conditions every major muscle group.

    The bands work equally well for exercises such as upright rows, deadlifts and reverse flies. These bands are made with latex.

    Looking for more beginner-friendly resistance bands? Consider the TheraBand Resistance Band Set for beginners.

  10. 10. Walito Reistance Band Set

    • Soft latex and cotton blend won't slide during workouts
    • Each band is color-coded
    • Carrying case is included
    • Relatively limited range of motion
    • Has an initial odor
    • Not as useful for arms

    Tone your legs and butt with this set of loop resistance bands. The set comes with three bands, ranging from light to heavy resistance. Each band is also color-coded to help you keep track. The bands are made with a soft blend of cotton and latex that won’t slide or roll as you move.

    Aside from your favorite lower leg exercises, the bands work equally well for yoga, Pilates, CrossFit and other workouts. Several additional color combinations are available.

  11. 11. Te-Rich Fabric Resistance Bands

    • Includes three resistance levels from light to heavy
    • Comfortable cotton material won't slip or roll
    • Can be transported in included mesh carrying pouch
    • Material can be stiff at first
    • May smell initially
    • Not as stretchy as latex bands

    If you prefer an alternative to latex, consider these fabric workout bands. These resistance bands for legs are specifically designed for engaging your butt, hips and legs. If you’re interested in a complete workout you can still use these bands for your upper body.

    Each set includes three resistance levels, ranging from light to heavy. Don’t worry if you can’t remember which is which, as the bands are color-coded. The bands are made with comfortable cotton and won’t slip or roll up during exercises.

    When you’re done working out, simply stash the bands into the included mesh carrying pouch.

  12. 12. Limm Resistance Bands

    • Each band is 12 inches long
    • Lightweight and compact for portability
    • Ideal for physical therapy, home workouts and more
    • May roll up during certain exercises
    • Some find the bands a bit too long
    • A few mention some bands are too light

    The best resistance bands for your current fitness level are likely to change over time. While the lightest band is plenty for a beginner, you’ll find yourself needing more resistance as you get stronger. There are five resistance levels to choose from in this set. Each band is 12 inches long and can stretch even more. If the different colors aren’t enough on their own to help you remember the resistance level, each band is also marked. The bands feature a natural latex material and are free from odors.

  13. 13. Rubberbanditz Pull-Up Assistance Exercise Bands

    • Each band comes with an eGuide
    • Every band measures 41 inches long
    • Bands can stretch up to 2.5 times the original length
    • Not available as a set
    • Some complaints of an initial odor
    • Relatively thin band material

    Choose just one band or collect the entire set. The Rubberbanditz pull-up bands are available in several sizes and can be used individually or in a pair for your desired resistance level.

    The purple band offers 40 pounds of resistance, making it a practical choice for intermediate to more advanced athletes. Options range from the lightest orange band with 10 pounds of resistance up to the heavy-duty blue band with 60 pounds of resistance. The purple band is recommended for pull-ups along with powerlifting, static stretching and calisthenics.

    Each band is 41 inches long and features a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. The bands are made with natural rubber latex and are constructed with multiple layers for added durability.

    Regardless of which band you select, you can use it for over 200 upper and lower body exercises for a complete workout.

  14. 14. AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull Up Band

    • Made with durable rubber material for long-term use
    • Available in several variations
    • Can be used at home or in the gym
    • A bit stiff for some users
    • Slight rubber odor
    • Some wonder whether the thinnest bands will support their weight when doing chin-ups and pull-ups

    This resistance and pull-up band can be used for a variety of workouts at home or in the gym. It’s ideal for assisted chin-ups and pull-ups along with stretching, bicep curls, and more. There are several resistance variations depending on your fitness level. Band measurements vary depending on the specific resistance level. Each band is constructed with a durable rubber material for reliability over time.

  15. 15. sportbit Resistance Bands Set

    • Made with durable latex material
    • Designed for travel, home use and gym workouts
    • Each band is 10 inches long
    • Some wish there were more reistance levels
    • Latex may irritate those with sensitive skin
    • Bands aren't very wide

    Whether you’re just starting a workout routine and are looking for guidance, or you want to keep up your healthy habits, this resistance band set comes with more than just four bands for working out. You’ll find eBooks for workouts and recipes. The workout book has 51 pages of suggested exercises, while the recipe book provides healthy breakfast ideas.

    The bands come in four levels, ranging from beginner to sportsman difficulty levels. Each band is made with high-quality latex material, and can be used for home workouts, physical therapy, at the gym and while traveling.

What Are Some Resistance Band Benefits?

When you use resistance bands for working out, you're using resistance to complete various movements. Most bands also require you to use some level of resistance throughout each exercise, which can make this type of resistance workout even more challenging than a weight-lifting session.

According to Self.com, this constant resistance continuously puts pressure and tension on your muscles over an extended period of time, meaning they don't get to rest until the exercise is complete.

Resistance bands are versatile and affordable, making them a must for any home gym. You can use resistance bands on their own or combined with other pieces of equipment, such as the best vibration plates or your favorite Pilates reformer for home fitness.

Which Are the Best Resistance Bands for Glutes?

Resistance bands can be used for any major muscle group, including your glutes. Whether you're gearing up for the summer or are simply trying to stay in shape, it's easy to activate your glutes with one or more resistance bands.

Our list includes a variety of resistance bands for legs and glutes, including the Te-Rich and Victorem booty bands sets. These sets stand out for their circular bands, which are ideal for the butt and legs, and a slip-free design that keeps the bands firmly in place during workouts.

Can I Use Resistance Bands for Hip Exercises?

Just as resistance bands are great for your glutes, they're equally helpful for the hips. In fact, the author of this Shape.com article recommends spending extra time on hip strength if you tend to sit for prolonged periods of time, whether it's because you have a desk job, spend a lot of time behind the wheel or even suffer from poor posture.

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