Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Candy Canes

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Jack Fennimore

The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp holiday event is officially underway, so it’s time to collect all of the special furniture and clothing available. However, players cannot just simply obtain these items for their campsite, they’ll have to build them. To do this, players will not only need some Bells, but a new crafting material called Candy Canes. These are tied specifically to the event itself, meaning players will have a limited amount of time to actually earn them.

Sadly, there only appear to be two ways to actually obtain Candy Canes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. The first is simply as a reward given to the player after completing a favor for an animal friend. Just like other crafting materials, players have a chance to be rewarded with a low amount of Candy Canes. This method isn’t really a consistent way of farming these materials, especially since the number of Candy Canes given are in the single digits. Instead, use this method as a way to simply supplement the main way of obtaining these holiday crafting items.

Unsurprising, the main way to obtain a large amount of Candy Canes is through special holiday Timed Goals. These are listed as “Event Challenges” and can be completed anytime within a 25 day period so don’t feel pressured to rush.  There are no holiday event Stretch Goals, so just make sure to focus on the Timed ones for now. Here is every Timed Goal that rewards Candy Canes in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and how many they will reward users with.

  • Complete 3 requests for visiting animals – x20 Candy Canes
  • Complete 10 requests for visiting animals – x40 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle Checked Sofa – x20 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle Checked Bed – x40 Candy Canes
  • Craft Jingle Snow Globe – x80 Candy Canes
  • Craft Festive Streetlight – x 80 Candy Canes

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

What’s interesting is that players will be rewarded with Candy Canes for crafting items that require Candy Canes to make. This is designed to not completely set a player back, however, keep in mind you are never completely refunded for how many Candy Canes are spent. Also, these Timed Goals tied to various furniture items are only available once. This means if a player builds two Snow Globes they will only be given 80 Candy Canes for the first one they make.

We did not receive any Candy Canes when leveling up our villager or completely leveling up an animal friend. While it’s possible these could award Candy Canes, it has not happened for us yet. Additionally, there could be a chance that Candy Canes become a reward for the Quarry since that mini-game is known to hand out crafting materials. Make sure to check the icon above the Quarry every time it resets to see if this holiday item is being offered. If it is, either use 20 Leaf Tickets to enter or start spamming your friends with help requests.

It’s possible that more Timed Events are added that reward Candy Canes, but right now these are your only options. We recommend saving your Candy Canes and only building exactly what you want since these are a rare item. Make sure to complete as many favors as possible, so use the Market Boxes if you are in need of extra resources. With some patience and a bit of luck, your campsite will be the envy of all your friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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