Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Get Advanced Paradox Amplifier

Destiny 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifier

Destiny 2’s newest expansion, Curse of Osiris, has officially released and players are already trying to obtain all of the hidden weapons in the game.While many are locked behind decoding different Legendary and Exotic engrams, some special weapons can actually be manually built. This is done by first completing three separate Adventures after the main campaign is finished. Once “Up and Up,” “The Runner,” and “Bug in the System” are finished then you’ll be asked to finish one Heroic version of these Adventures.

Complete this to obtain a Lost Prophecy which will require players to obtain one Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. After this is finished, you can exchange your converted Lost Prophecy for a new weapon and then grab another Verse to finish from Brother Vance. Regardless of which one you pick you will probably need to obtain one or two Advanced Paradox Amplifiers. These are the second Forge focused consumable in Destiny 2.

However, in order to even make an Advanced Paradox Amplifier, players will need to obtain 10 separate Paradox Amplifiers from finishing one of three different activities.  These activities are Strikes, Heroic Mercury Adventures, and Crucible matches. You cannot obtain Paradox Amplifiers from Public Events, only Radiolarian Cultures are unlockable via this activity. It’s also possible to obtain an Advanced Paradox Amplifier in one of the three listed activities, however, this item is extremely rare so don’t count on it.

We recommend first focusing on finishing at least three Heroic Strikes so you can also knock out the Heroic Strike Milestone. This will not only help you gather some Paradox Amplifiers but net a Powerful Engram in the process. Keep in mind you can earn 2 Paradox Amplifiers when finishing a Heroic Strike. After this is finished we suggest focusing on Crucible matches since these will typically go faster than Strikes or the Heroic Adventures. Amplifiers have a fairly good drop rate so it won’t be too much of a grind-induced experience. Sadly, the higher verses will require more than just one Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

If you are looking to unlock some of the Lighthouse armor and weapons from Brother Vance, then focus on farming the Heroic Mercury Adventures. These reward a stack of Mercury Tokens which can be a bit slow to obtain since this area only has one Public Event. After you have obtained 10 Paradox Amplifiers, make your way to Brother Vance and exchange them for Advanced Paradox Amplifiers. To actually use them in your Lost Prophecy just open up your inventory and use this item. Once you have met the required materials players can then put their Lost Prophecy into the Forge by Vance. A blue light will flash and then a unique weapon tailored to that specific Verse will be given as a reward.

It’s highly advantageous to always have a Verse on you so you can obtain the needed materials when playing. This can take a bit of time if you want every single Forge item so make sure to participate in activities that will reward players for their time.

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