How to Open Dutch’s Locked Room in Far Cry 5

Dutch is one of the first allies you meet during your journey to bring down Joseph Seed and his cult in Far Cry 5. While this doomsday prepper arms you with a gun and a map, he actually has a few other goodies locked away in his bunker. Sadly, you won’t be able to access this room right away and it will take a specific perk to pick the lock. Here’s how to break into the locked room in Dutch’s bunker:

Locked Room Location

Far Cry 5 Dutch's Bunker

Once you enter Dutch’s bunker from the staircase head down the winding halls until you a split. To the right is Dutch’s command room, so turn left and make your way down the corridor. The locked room will be the first door on your right next to the infirmary. This should be the only room in the entire bunker with the door closed, so look for that if you get turned around. When you approach the door it should say Locked and that it requires a key. Thankfully, you don’t actually need a key just a very specific perk to break into this room.

Opening Dutch’s Room

The easiest way to unlock this safe is by grabbing the key in the safe Dutch tells you to grab the map and pistol from. Just take that key back to the door and hold down the interact button to open the door. If you do miss this key you will have to go with option two – using the Locksmith perk

This allows the player to pick any safe or door that would usually require a key card. The perk itself will cost you six Perk Points and is located under the Assassin talent tree. While six points might sound like a lot, it’s actually a fairly easy number to obtain. Just focus on completing some easy gun and hunting challenges early on to obtain the points needed for this skill.

Once you have the Locksmith perk, make your way back to Dutch’s bunker and approach the locked door. Hold down the interact button to pick the lock and open the door. You don’t need to worry about getting caught or any type of mini-game, it’s just a simple button prompt. After you unlock the door, just walk forward and your character will push the door open.

Sadly, the actual rewards may not be worth the effort. You cannot access the weapons behind the cage and the only items in the room are some resources and ammo. The only container you can open is a small yellow toolbox on the table in front of you. None of the lockers are unlockable, so don’t bother trying to open them.

While this may seem disappointing, getting this perk early on will drastically help you down the road. There are multiple locations throughout every region that can only be unlocked via this perk. Obtaining it at the start will certainly make your life easier, especially when infiltrating Outposts. Besides, if you’re bummed about the loot in Dutch’s bunker just head over to the Central Radio Tower on the same island. You can find another locked door there and this area has way better loot.

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