Why are Sea of Thieves Voyages Not Working?

Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails Update

Rare, Microsoft Studios

Another day, another Sea of Thieves server issue to report it looks like, as numerous wannabe pirate legends are experiencing more questing issues this morning — and it’s all due to server issues.

If you’re wondering why are Sea of Thieves voyages not working this morning, fear not — you are not alone. The issue is being widely reported on the forums and on various social media platforms.

The issue (like many of the other issues players have been seeing) is related to the massive server load due to the game’s launch Monday evening, and it’s occurring on both Xbox One and PC.

Players have been experiencing the issue starting new voyages, with the game making these voyages disappear almost immediately, as you’re unable to vote them up and, therefore, actually start a new voyage.

It has been noted that RARE is working on the game’s server issues, which have lead to the Sea of Thieves voyages not working and a massive influx of CinnamonBeard, Bronzebeard, and GreyBeard error codes when trying to login.

Unfortunately, until the devs get these server issues sorted out, it looks like you might be forced to wait for that sweet, sweet plunder. Hopefully, we’ll get official word from RARE at some point today that they’re addressing this specific issue somehow. For now, might be best to take a break from your pirate adventure to avoid the frustration.

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