Are Fortnite Superhero Skins Coming? (Updated!)

Fortnite Superhero Skins

Epic Games

We have received our first official teaser of the upcoming season of Fortnite. The image not only revealed Season 4 is on the way but it has also given us a glimpse at what to expect with the new season.

The teaser image shows a new character, one that bears a close resemblance to DC superhero The Flash, and what looks like a meteor trail. We previous did a write-up about everything we knew so far about Fortnite Season 4 and now it looks like we were pretty far off with our initial predictions.

A second teaser image has been revealed and this one looks to be a Wonder Woman lookalike.

One question we’re now asking ourselves is if we will soon see Fortnite superhero skins in-game following the meteors impacting.

While a lot of our focus was on the comet potentially hitting Tilted Towers, it seems like Epic Games had a whole different idea up its sleeve. The meteor trail is still existent but it looks like we’ll have superheroes in the new season.

It’s possible the meteors could all hit the ground and cause some sort of radiation making superheroes. We’re just spit balling here but it’s Fortnite so pretty much anything can happen. Fortnite has created wacky skins for no reason before and now it appears they have a reason to do it.

One thing that could come out of all this is new Back Blings. Back Blings were a new cosmetic introduced with the last season. By having switchable back accessories players were able to mix and match their favorite styles. By adding superheroes it’s possible we could see capes as Back Blings.

Another idea that’s been thrown around is changeable headgear. If the next season does have superheroes it seems like it will also have new masks since most heroes wear masks. Having the ability to change your headgear to put on new masks would be a cool addition if it happened.

We still have a few more days until the official end of Season 3 so we can let the hype train take off today and see where it gets us.

Here’s a sample of what the early reaction to the teaser has been on Twitter.

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It certainly seems like players are hyped up at the idea of a superhero-themed Battle Pass. No information has been revealed about the Battle Pass as of yet but with so little time left in the current season we can probably expect some sort of announcement soon.

This teaser couldn’t have come at a much better time since it dropped just in time for the new Avengers movie. Superhero hype is at pretty much an all-time high and Fortnite looks like it is trying to capitalize on that.

One thing players can probably expect is the Flash lookalike to appear in some way with the next Battle Pass, whether he’s the first skin unlocked or the final tier. That doesn’t mean the dinosaur skins won’t appear like we’ve been speculating. Season 3’s Battle Pass was space-themed but we still received John Wick as the final unlockable skin.

If we had to bet, we’d say the season will definitely start the first week of May. Epic Games has traditionally left little down time between seasons so we don’t expect that to change a whole lot here. Season 3 of Fortnite is when the popularity surrounding the game really took off and it looks to continue into Season 4.

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