Fortnite: Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge & Red RV Location

Fortnite Red RV Stone Circle Wooden Bridge Location

A new week of Battle Pass challenges arrived today and with it comes the final set of the season. This week players are asked to find a Battle Pass star between a stone circle, a wooden bridge and a red RV. If you don’t want to do the searching on your own, just follow our guide to the location.

This spot isn’t all that difficult to find as it requires players to drop at Tomato Town, hopefully with their freshly purchase Tomato Town skin. While you can track down the bridge, circle and RV on your own you can also just drop at the location and collect the star without doing any of that.

If you’ve played the game long enough you probably already have a location in mind but if you’re new or have no idea what the game is describing, just follow our map and pick up the star.

Fortnite Red RV Wooden Bridge Stone Circle

The stone circle mentioned in the challenge is to the south of Tomato Town, the red RV in in Wailing Woods while the wooden bridge is directly east of Tomato Town. The Battle Pass star is located on a dirt clearing next to a log. Just collect the star and you’re done with this week’s challenge.

As mentioned before, this week marks the end of the Battle Pass challenge weeks so if you still have other weeks to finish up, now is the time to do it. Season 3 of Fortnite: Battle Royale ends April 30 so there’s only a few days left. If Season 4 is like Season 3 then we can expect little to no downtime between seasons.

As Season 4 approaches we’ll likely be getting another Battle Pass with new sets of challenges. One thing that also might happen with the new season is the destruction of Tilted Towers. It has long been speculated the new-ish location would be the victim of a comet strike but now more evidence has been revealed.

Yesterday Epic Games tweeted out an emergency broadcast alert, featuring a llama, and has since pinned the tweet and made it their headed which certainly indicates something is happening. The TVs in Tilted Towers yesterday also began to broadcast the alert which left many players wondering what was going on.

Coupled with the maintenance yesterday there were many players who thought Epic Games was preemptively destroying Tilted Towers but that did not happen.

There is also evidence of a new game mode on the horizon. The new mode, dubbed Impact, has been datamined earlier this month and it certainly sounds like it will focus on the looming threat of the comet. The mode has not been officially announced yet so stay tuned for more info.

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