How to Get Class Abilities in Realm Royale

Realm Royale Class Abilities

Unlike other battle royale games, Realm Royale allows players to assume the role of a certain hero archetype. These classes not only have passive bonuses but can gain access to powerful, potentially game-changing skills. However, outside of your basic movement ability, you’ll need to find them out in the world. Since you can only hold two class abilities, it’s up to you to decide which one you feel will benefit your team the most.

Here’s a breakdown of how to get class abilities and equip them in Realm Royale.

How to Get Class Abilities

There are a few ways to obtain class abilities in Realm Royale, but the easiest is simply by opening chests. You can find chests in every town and almost every structure, each of which has a chance to drop a class ability. Opening one doesn’t guarantee you a new skill, but in our experience, it’s at least every 1 in 3. These items are small globes that show which ability they offer in the center. Once they’re on the ground you can either equip or dismantle them for Shards.

For those unfamiliar with what the class abilities do, the globes will have a very brief description. Remember, you can only equip skills that are designated to your class, so just deconstruct any that have a big red X on them. They won’t help you, just make sure to check in with your team in case one of them can use it.

Another way to get class abilities is by killing foes who currently have them. Whenever an enemy is dispatched, they will drop all of their consumables, weapons, armor, and abilities. You can scavenge any abilities from their remains, but you’ll need to make sure they’re the same class as you to even use them.

Realm Royale Forge

Finally, players can obtain class abilities by using the various Forges scattered throughout the map. To use a Forge you’ll need to collect Shards, which can be obtained by breaking down items or killing foes. A class ability will cost you 90 Shards to make, so don’t expect to have enough until the mid-game. If do have the needed amount, head towards one of the anvil icons on the map.

Approach the Forge, interact with it, and begin constructing your class ability. Users cannot select which class ability they want, but typically it’s worth replacing one of the lower rarity skills you own. Since you can only have two kills at any time, making sure they synergize is important. For example, the Engineer class can drop a shield and a healing totem to give his team more sustainability in a fight. Combining these, allows a group to hide behind the barricade and quickly recover during a heated fight.

Realm Royale is a team game, so always consider how your skills can benefit those you’re playing with. Every class has a role, so make sure to understand what you bring to the team when gathering abilities.

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