Realm Royale Ranking System Explained

Realm Royale Ranking System

Hi-Rez Studios

Wondering about how the Realm Royale ranking system works? We’ve got you covered below.

The latest battle royale to hit the market is Realm Royale and it takes the traditional battle royale formula and adds a few twists.

Hi-Rez Studios, the developers behind Paladins and Smite, have introduced different classes which is a first for a battle royale. Players have the ability to choose between the Warrior, Engineer, Mage, Hunter and Assassin so there’s certainly something that appeals to everyone.

The classes play mostly the same outside of exclusive weapons and abilities but they are different enough where it’s important to pick something to fit your playstyle. The Assassin and Hunter seem to prefer a ranged playstyle while the Warrior will benefit from a more up close and personal battle.

Another thing that’s new with Realm Royale is the addition of a ranked system. Neither Fortnite or PUBG have a ranked system as of yet so it’s interesting to see how this will work in Realm Royale.

After your first match you’ll be place in some sort of rank, most likely Bronze V unless you’re highly successful in your first match.

The game mentions higher placed finishes will rank you up quicker, despite your kill count. However, after 50 games it sounds like your kills will play a factor in your placement.

Here’s what Hi-Rez wrote about the ranking system on Steam:

  • Ranking is based on your placement in your top 50 matches (even if you haven’t played 50 matches, you will still receive a rank based on the number of wins out of all of your matches).
  • Essentially, you can only work your way up the ranks by placing higher and higher in matches, and cannot fall over time. The highest rank is therefore achieved by earning 50 wins.
  • Once you have played 50 wins, the game will also track the total number of eliminations you have made within your top 50 games.

The next thing you’re probably wondering is how many ranks are there? There’s actually a fair amount of progression to be made in Realm Royale so players have hours of grinding in front of them.

If Paladins is anything to go from then the ranking system will be the following:

  • Bronze V,IV,III,II,I
  • Silver V,IV,III,II,I
  • Gold V,IV,III,II,I
  • Platinum V,IV,III,II,I
  • Diamond V,IV,III,II,I
  • Master
  • Grandmaster

We have since been able to confirm this is indeed the ranking system in Realm Royale.

Since Realm Royale comes from the same developer it would make sense to use the same ranking system. This isn’t a definitive ranking system as I haven’t actually ranked past Silver yet but I have seen other players surpass that ranking.

Players should be able to progress past Bronze in a hurry but may find themselves plateauing once they hit a certain rank. It isn’t clear yet whether there is an ELO-based matchmaking as of yet but it seems like something that will be introduced.

Realm Royale doesn’t have a Seasons feature yet so it seems like these rankings will remain with you for the duration of your playtime unless something changes in the future. Realm Royale is still in Early Access so there are likely many changes on the horizon before the official release.

Realm Royale is available now on PC through Steam. For more news and guides about Realm Royale, stay with us here at Heavy.

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