5 Tank Stars Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Tank StarsTanks at your fingertips. Choose a weapon from a simple missile to an atomic bomb, shoot with the right angle and hear an amazing clash of blitz while destroy your opponents in the war world.  Make the right shot quickly, win the battle or die!    – Loads of deadly weapons: everything for perfect annihilation…2018-03-02T14:42:46.000Z

Playgendary has garnered a lot of praise lately for their awesome mobile games.

Folks have enjoyed themselves immensely after spending some time playing arrow-based battles in Bowmasters. Those same mobile gamers have also become successful party hosts in Partymasters. And now, the developers behind both mega hits have lent their production talents to a game all about tank battles in Tank Stars. The game features Playgendary’s signature art style and the same addictive gameplay its bow and arrow battler is known for. Your tank warfare should be even more of a breeze with this tips guide in tow.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Tank Stars:

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1. The Basics of Battle

Tank Stars Tips


• In Tank Wars, it’s up to you to blast away your competition via tank warfare. If you’re chosen to start the battle at hand, try to move as close as possible to your foe. That way, you’ll have a much easier time landing your first shot. If your opponent gets the chance to go first, just brace yourself for the worst and go on from there.

• It’s always best to push your Power percentage to 100 and adjust your angle accordingly when you’re far way from your foe. If you’re much closer to a rival tank, it’s best to strike with a much lower power percentage. You’ll have a much easier time hitting your opponent, plus you’ll keep yourself safe from any nearby splash damage. Whenever you spot a green crate, make a beeline for it and collect whatever’s inside. If your obtain it before your opponent does, you’ll be gifted with a powerful 5-star weapon that can easily make you the victor.

2. The Basics Behind Upgrading

Tank Stars Tips


• Upgrading within Tank Stars is all about increasing any of your tanks’ HP and making their weapons much stronger. In order to complete either action, you’ll need Tank Cards, Weapon Cards, and coins. You can acquire such items just by completing battles in order to claim reward chests, complete Daily Missions and Tournament Battles, and claim your free chests from the Chest Shop.

• Whenever you get the chance to upgrade any of your unlocked tanks and their weapons, go right ahead and do so. You’ll need each and every one of your tanks to be strong enough for those tough Tournament Battles.

3. Get to Know Each and Every Tank

Tank Stars Tips


• There’s a total of seven tanks that you’ll need coins (and even a Diamond Membership!) to unlock – Abrams (available from the start), Coalition, Buratino, Frost, Helios, Blazer, and Spectre. After unlocking a new tank, make sure you research its weapons loadout before you take it out onto the battlefield.

• For example, the Abrams tank is equipped with a lot of short-range weaponry. This means you’ll have to use up a lot of that tank’s fuel in order to land your shots. Experiment with every tank’s arsenal during 1v1 computer battles to get a handle on what each one can do. You’ll need a strong familiarity with them all before you take on much tougher human opponents.

4. Make Sure You Complete Daily Missions and Tournament Battles

Tank Stars Tips


Tank Stars awards you for logging in during a 15-day period. You’ll acquire Tank Cards, Weapons Cards, coins, gems and chests just for playing this game on the regular. You’ll get those free chests just by logging in on the fifth, tenth, and fifteenth days of your dedicated play period. This is one of the best methods towards getting all the upgrade materials needed to improve your tanks and their arsenal.

• You’ll need all your tanks to be extra durable for Tournament Battles, which are wave-based skirmishes that pits multiple tanks against you. Note that the two tanks you select for a battle tied to certain difficulty can’t be chosen for another difficulty. You’ll need six tanks in order to enter into the Easy, Normal, and Legendary ranked Tournament Battles.

• Take your lower ranked tanks into Easy battles, your mid-range tanks into Normal battles, and your strongest tanks into Legendary battles. Winning Tournament Battles gets you some awesome reward chests, so fight hard and strive for victory!

5. Video Advertisements Will Reward You Greatly

Tank Stars features a whole lot of video ads. Don’t just label them as a mild annoyance, however – they aid you in a variety of ways. Watching a video advertisement gets you a free revive during battle, lets you claim an extra free chest after already opening one, and gets you even more post-match rewards. Always sit through those video ads no matter how annoying they may be!

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