Monster Hunter World: How to Get & Equip the Samurai Set

Monster Hunter World Samurai Set

There are a staggering amount of different customization options available in Monster Hunter World, but one of the coolest is the Samurai Set. While most of the armor in this title requires you to farm various monsters for bones, skin, and appendages, this is just given to anyone who purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game. Additionally, the Samurai Set offers no statistical value and is simply an overlay of your current armor. Owning it will not give you an advantage and it acts as a skin for your current outfit.

In order to obtain this set, you’ll need to purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game or the Deluxe Set if you already own Monster Hunter World. Once unlocked, you will need to finish the tutorial portion of the game. After you unlock your own personal home head over to the Feyle (cat) by the staircase.

He will present the option to go to the Training Area or Claim your Add-On Bonuses. Select this and after a few moments, you’ll obtain the Samurai Set. Now head over to your large Item Box and interact with it. Scroll down to Change Appearance, hit Change All, and then select the Samurai Set. Doing this will instantly equip the entire outfit and let you run around the world in your new armor.

Remember, there are no weapons or real value to wearing the set. This is solely for looks, so don’t feel pressured to purchase it if you’re on the fence. There’s a lot of awesome armor in Monster Hunter World, so you might not even want it once you begin to craft.

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