Dead by Daylight PTB Patch Buffs Spirit

Dead by Daylight Spirit PTB Changes

A new patch for the Playable Test Build in Dead by Daylight is out now and it has some changes for various perks in the game along with a buff to the Spirit.

These changes are live on the PTB so those who aren’t playing on it or those who are on console will not be seeing these changes right now.

One of the major changes we will see with this PTB is some buffs to the Spirit. The Spirit is a killer with strong mind game potential and that ability will be getting even stronger in the PTB.

Here are the changes that were made to the Spirit:

  • The Spirit’s phasing audio has been adjusted: Survivors within the Spirit Husk’s terror radius will not hear the phasing sound. Survivors outside the Spirit Husk’s terror radius can hear the Spirit’s phasing sound, but will not be able to determine its direction. Survivors will no longer be able to hear the Spirit’s breathing while she is phasing.

More changes were made to perks in the game such as buffs to many perks like No One Escapes Death and Empathy. Previously the maxed out NOED would be the only one that causes the Exposed effect but now it will apply to all three tiers of the perk.

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Here are all the changes made to survivor and killer perks:

Survivor Perk Changes:

  • Alert: Range and cooldown have been removed, and effect duration has been adjusted. It now reads: When the Killer performs a break action, the Killer is revealed to you for 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Bond: Increased aura reading range for levels 1 and 2. It now reads: Allies’ auras are revealed to you when they are within a 20/28/36 meter range.
  • Iron Will: Removed the stillness condition from levels 1 and 2. Volume reduction adjusted from 75%/100%/100% to 50%/75%/100%.
  • Botany Knowledge: Increased values from 10%/15%/20% to 14%/23%/33%. This will reduce healing time from 16 seconds to 14/13/12 seconds.
  • Sole Survivor: Increased aura reading disruption ranges for all levels. Also, the perk icon will now show as activate when the perk is disrupting killer aura reading that would have revealed the player.
  • Leader, Vigil & Streetwise: The effects of Leader, Vigil and Streetwise now persist for 15 seconds after the perk owner is out of range

Killer Perk Changes:

  • Hex: No One Escapes Death: Survivors now suffer from the Exposed Status Effect at all levels. Movement increase bonus changed from +3%/4%/4% to +2%/3%/4%.
  • Make Your Choice: Changed the unhook range to 32 meters at all levels. The exposed effect now lasts for 40/50/60 seconds. Perk will stay dimmed in the HUD until at least 32 meters away from the hooked player.
  • Beast of Prey: The red stain disappears after gaining Bloodlust Tier I and stays hidden until you lose Bloodlust. Gain 30%/40%/50% more Bloodpoints for actions in the Hunter category.

You can read about the full list of changes in today’s 2.3.0 PTB Patch Notes right here.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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