Dead by Daylight Teases The Hallowed Blight on October 19

Dead by Daylight Hallowed Blight

Although the latest chapter update for Dead by Daylight came out very recently, the developers are teasing yet another possible new killer coming this month.

Dead by Daylight has released killers each October since the launch of the game in Michael Myers and Freddy Kreuger so the precedent is certainly there for something like that to happen here.

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A teaser was released on Instagram earlier today showing a brief trailer that shows little more than a calendar. From the looks of things, it looks like it’ll more than likely be an event as October 19 is circled on the calendar.

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The hallowed blight #DeadbyDaylight

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New killers aren’t traditionally given concrete release dates so it doesn’t feel like it’ll be a full-blown new killer, especially since it’s so close to the release of another killer. Then again, we did see Leatherface and then Freddy in a short period of time so it could happen.

October 19 does have some significance in the world of horror as it’s also the date the new Halloween movie comes out. This is important because Michael Myers is already a character in the game so he could receive another skin, along with potentially receiving an old Laurie skin too.

The most likely thing this date could mean is some sort of event beginning that Friday and going into the weekend. We recently saw the return of a double bloodpoints event but we wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar come back this month.

It’s possible Dead by Daylight will tease more about the event/killer once the date draws closer but all we have to do now is speculate. If we were betting people we’d bank more on this being an event instead of a new killer.

We’d love for it to be a new killer or even new cosmetics for current killers so we’ll know for certain once October 19 rolls around.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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