Dead by Daylight Darkness Among Us Killer & Survivor Perks

Dead by Daylight Chapter X Perks

The newest PTB for Dead by Daylight has arrived on PC and is available to download for all players who own the game.

Chapter X, titled Darkness Among Us, introduces a new killer and new survivor into the mix right before the start of the new year.

Author’s Note: These perks are currently in the PTB so they are subject to change between now and the final release of the game. The PTB is only available on PC.

The new killer is named the Legion and early returns make it seem like he’ll be a game changer for sure. He has the ability to vault pallets which will make pallet loops a lot less effective against him. His power does have a long cooldown so he won’t be able to do it at every pallet but it will be something that helps him end chases early.

Here are the new killer perks:

  • Discordance: Any time 2 or more survivors are working on the same Generator; the Generator’s aura is highlighted for a short duration.
  • Mad Grit: While carrying a Survivor, you suffer no cooldown for missed attacks, and hitting another Survivor will pause the carried Survivor’s wiggle timer for a moment.
  • Iron Maiden: You open lockers faster. Additionally, when a Survivor exits a locker, their location is revealed, and they suffer from the Exposed status effect for a while.

The new perks, at first glance, don’t seem all that great. Iron Maiden seems like it could get some play as Huntress or against immersed players. The perks seem very situational so it’s unclear right now as to how they will fit into the meta.

The new survivor perks, on the other hand, seem like they will be a lot better than the Legion’s.

The new survivor is named Jeff Johansen and we know the new survivors always end up being skins in the long haul so we’re always more interested in the perks. The perks don’t seem half bad as they will apply to many more situations than the new killer perks will.

Here are the new survivor perks:

  • Breakdown: Any time you are removed from a hook (escaped or saved), the hook breaks and the Killer’s aura is shown to you.
  • Aftercare: A 2-way link is created between yourself and other Survivors when you cooperate. When you heal or rescue someone, or when someone heals or rescues you, a link is created, allowing you to see each other’s auras across the entire map.
  • Distortion: You start the Trial with 3 tokens. When your aura would be shown to the killer, the perk activates, and a token is consumed. For a short period, your aura will not be shown to the Killer and you leave no scratch marks.

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