Where to Find Aluminum in Fallout 76

How to Get Aluminum in Fallout 76


Junk is a very important thing to collect in Fallout 76, which sounds very weird when you say it out loud.

If you want to repair your gear, craft new gear or build your base you’re going to need to collect a lot of random items in the wasteland. This isn’t too much of a surprise as Fallout 4 required players to do the same thing. What this means is that hot plate you see actually isn’t as useless as it seems but will instead be needed for various crafting materials.

Aluminum is an important material in Fallout 76 which means you’re going to have to keep an eye out for anything that might be broken down into it. If you’re lucky enough you can even find aluminum deposits that can be mined in mountainous areas. If you’re really on the lookout make sure to tag the material so it will be highlighted while scraping items and looting.

Here are some objects that can be scraped to get aluminum, just to name a few:

  • Aluminum can
  • Alarm clocks
  • Coolant caps
  • Hubcaps
  • Sensors
  • Trays
  • Toy rocketships
  • Wind chimes
  • Mr. Handy loot

We don’t know the full extent of what items exist in Fallout 76 as of yet but you can check the list right here to find out what items broke down into aluminum in Fallout 4 as we expect things probably didn’t change much between the two games.

Another easy way to obtain aluminum is to trade with other players who are open to giving up their stockpile. Since this is an online game you’re likely going to be finding other players who have collected a lot of aluminum they don’t need during their playthrough. All you have to do is initiate trade with another player and make it know that you want to get aluminum through voice chat or other means.

Fallout 76 releases November 14 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The PC release won’t be on Steam but instead will be through Bethesda’s new online store.

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