C-3PO Set to Release in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes C-3PO


Since launch, we have been missing several of the important characters from the Star Wars original trilogy in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

We have recently begun to see that remedied with R2-D2 added in, Chewbacca coming earlier this year and now it appears C-3PO will be debuting later this month.

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A puzzle appeared on the Galaxy of Heroes forums and it appears to have been deciphered already, leading one of the developers to congratulate the Redditor who cracked the code.

It seems congratulations are in order! You’ve got more than enough of the image to know the answer. Send me your ally code for your prize.

3 hours to solve, my best time yet :P I hope everyone had some fun but clearly I STILL need to step up my game for next time. Next time, no nice Crumb at all.

Also here was my boss’ clue if you got stuck on the cipher key

Super creepy Erik, thanks

The image that was revealed was none other than C-3PO. Now the question remains of what it will take to unlock C-3PO once he enters the game.

There has been a lot of speculation about needed Ewoks and that would make sense considering Ewok Scout is the login character for this month and the Ewoks did look at C-3PO as their God in Return of the Jedi.

Other options would be Jawas, Imperial Troopers, Droids, and the list goes on and on. C-3PO could even end up being a marquee character for all we know. We’ve seen the much-requested Jango Fett come into the game as a marquee event so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see the same thing here.

Look for C-3PO to enter Galaxy of Heroes later this month.

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