Galaxy of Heroes Jedi Knight Revan: Who Is Needed?

Galaxy of Heroes Jedi Knight Revan


After a lot of teasing and hype Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has finally unveiled Jedi Knight Revan as their next hero as part of the Hero’s Journey.

Revan will join Commander Luke Skywalker and Jedi-Training Rey as the third Hero’s Journey to enter the game. If you’re familiar with how these unlocks work then you’ll know these characters require a very specific set of characters and the character only unlocks at 7-stars instead of 5-stars like the Legendary unlocks.

For Jedi Knight Revan you’ll need all five of the Old Republic characters introduced earlier this year. This shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise as these characters all entered the game around the same time and even got their own tag.

These characters include the following:

  • Bastila Shan (Fleet Battles 2-D, Dark Side (Hard) 5-B)
  • Jolee Bindo (Dark Side (Hard) 6-D)
  • T3-M4 (Cantina Battles 6-B)
  • Zaalbar (Fleet Battles 3-C, Light Side (Hard) 5-D)
  • Mission Vao (Cantina Battles 7-A)

This characters will be a long farm so if you haven’t already started going after these characters you probably won’t be bringing home Jedi Knight Revan this time around unless you drop hundreds of dollars into the game.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Legend of the Old RepublicA new Legendary event featuring Jedi Knight Revan battling the ferocious Terentatek!2018-10-23T20:24:47.000Z

Jedi Knight Revan will prove to be a meta-changing character so he’ll certainly be worth grinding for whether that’s now or in the future. He seems to serve as a direct counter to the current Sith meta in the game making him all the more valuable. You can read about his kit right here.

What this does leave the door for is a potential Sith Lord Revan. If you’re familiar with Knights of the Old Republic you’ll know that Revan fell to the dark side and ended up helping conquer the galaxy for the Sith. It would be cool to see dark Revan enter the game but we’re not sure if that’ll ever happen.

There are several characters still missing from the Old Republic era, most notably Carth Onasi, Revan’s first real encounter in the game and his first true party member. There hasn’t been an indicator as to whether he’s coming but he’d be a curious omission if he never entered the game.