Dead by Daylight Charity Case Comes to PS4 & Xbox One

Dead by Daylight Charity Case

Dead by Daylight has been a hit on Twitch for quite some time now so you might be familiar with many of the top streamers for the game.

Dead by Daylight has something called the Charity Case that was previously only available on Steam but it came with a ton of cosmetics making it well worth the $5 price tag.

This Charity Case has now made its way to PS4 and Xbox One for the first time giving players a chance to represent their favorite streamers on consoles now. Here’s the description given for the pack:

You’ve watched your favorite broadcasters play Dead by Daylight and show off their exclusive outfits, now you can finally get your hands on those amazing threads and proudly display your fandom! On top of that, 100% of Behaviour Digital’s proceeds from the sale of this item will go to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. The Charity Case is a collection of 26 cosmetic items for many of the Dead by Daylight survivors and killers. It contains 20 brand new customization options based on your favorite broadcasters and 6 previously exclusive items from old friends.

All of the proceeds made from this pack will go directly to charity so that’s an added bonus if you do decide to pick up this bundle.

Dead by Daylight’s tenth chapter is on the way and we know who the new killer and survivor are thanks to the PTB that is available on PC.

The Legion is a killer who can vault pallets and windows with his power along with putting survivors into the bleed out state.

Jeff Johansen is the survivor and while he brings some new perks into the game it remains to be seen whether these will shift the meta. We can expect both of these characters to join the game sometime this month.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can purchase the Charity Case on Xbox One here and the PS4 here.

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