Frozen Raven & Red Knight Found in Fortnite Datamine

Fortnite Frozen Skins

Epic Games

In a recent Fortnite datamine we’ve seen a variety of new skins that are coming to the game that are Winter-themed.

Many of these skins are new takes on old skins that will surely give players something to be excited about.

There are three new “frozen” skins being introduced which are the Frozen Raven, Frozen Red Knight and Frozen Love Ranger. All three of these skins are skins previously found in the game but now they have a Winter theme.

You can look at images of the upcoming skins at FNBR.Co, along with all of the other cosmetics found with the newest patch.

It seems like all three of these skins will be Legendary meaning they will cost 2,000 V-Bucks. All of these skins are wildly popular and rare so getting a frozen version of them might end up being a priority for some players.

Epic Games has shown a tendency to bring back previously unobtainable skins so we probably won’t be seeing these ones disappear forever if you end up not getting them.

The Red Knight was previously one of the rarest skins in the game but Epic Games decided to open up the vault and bring it back.

No solid release date has been given for any of these skins but since they were found in the files of the latest patch we can probably expect them to show up sooner rather than later.

As we approach Christmas we’ll probably be seeing a few more themed skins as we have been with the other holidays.

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