Monster Hunter World Iceborne “Ultimate” or “G” Sized

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Size


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the game’s first expansion pack and it is a massive one that will add a ton of new content to the game.

Monster Hunter World has been receiving free content updates slowly since its launch but this expansion pack will significantly dwarf those updates.

Due to come out in the fall of 2019, Iceborne will be adding new monsters, new equipment to create, a new difficulty rank (G-rank?) and much more. The developers say more information will be coming early next year.

Capcom UK’s’ community manager said this expansion pack will be best described as the size of a “G” or “Ultimate” version.

Traditionally Monster Hunter titles in the past didn’t receive actual expansion packs but instead would receive standalone “Ultimate” versions that would come with the new content and “G” rank. Perhaps things were changed since Monster Hunter World released on home consoles with girthy hard drives that could download the update instead.

Despite free updates in the past we can almost surely expect this one to carry a price tag with it since it’s adding a lot more than just new monsters this time around.

To hold players over until the release of this massive update, fans of The Witcher video games series are getting a treat early next year in the form of Geralt of Rivia appearing in the game.

In yet another cross-over with another franchise, Monster Hunter World will have players take control of Geralt and do a series of Witcher-inspired quests which blend both the RPG mechanics of the Witcher and the Monster Hunter World gameplay.

This update can be expected in early 2019, completely for free for PS4 and Xbox One. The update will also be coming to PC but at a later date. The PC version has been lagging behind the consoles in terms of updates due to the later release but it is still receiving all of the updates the consoles have been getting.

Monster Hunter World is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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