How to Beat Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World

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Kulve Taroth is Monster Hunter World‘s newest Elder Dragon. Unlike the first free DLC monster, Deviljho, Kulve Taroth is an all new monster making her debut in Monster Hunter World. Not only that, but she’ll have her very own type of event quest taking place in the new locale of The Caverns of El Dorado. Here’s everything you need to know on how to beat Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter World.

According to a post by Yuri Araujo of Capcom USA, Kulve Taroth will be available to fight in a Siege Quest from April 18 to May 3.

What are Siege Quests? It’s where up to 16 hunters from the Gathering Hub battle against a single monster. Hunters split off into groups of up to four hunters each working together to investigate and hunt down the same beast. As you collect tracks, you’ll occasionally fend off against Kulve Taroth breaking off pieces of her golden armor. Each hunter contributes to the same quest so be sure to coordinate with other hunters for the best results.

Where to Find Kulve Taroth

how to beat kulve taroth


You’ll be able to take Kulve Taroth on after you complete the Zorah Magdaros and Nergigante investigations. First you need to go on investigations or optional quests in order to find golden tracks. Once you find one track, you are instructed to go back to Astera. Talk to the Admiral in the Tradeyard (he’ll have a blue exclamation point over his head) and after the cutscene you’re instructed to head to the Gathering Hub.

You’ll be able to either call up your squadmates or join a dedicated Kulve Taroth lobby to join the quest. Talk to the Hub Lass in the Gathering Hub to join a Kulve Taroth Siege. The quest begins once someone in the Gathering Hub initiates the quest.

You can join a siege in progress, but you cannot fire SOS flares.

Best Build

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Similar to the Barroth or Jyuratodus, Kulve Taroth has different weaknesses depending on if she’s covered in gold or not. When covered in gold, she’s very weak to thunder and strong against fire, dragon, and ice. When she’s had her gold broken off, she’s very weak to ice, moderately weak to dragon, and strong against fire and thunder. She’s also moderately weak to water regardless if she’s covered in gold or not. She’s also strong against all status ailments.

Head: Nergigante Helm β, Rathalos Helm α, Kushala Glare α, or Ingot Helm α
Chest: Uragaan Mail α
Arms: Nergigante Vambraces β, Rathalos Vambraces α, Jyura Vambraces β, or Ingot Vambraces α
Belt: Uragaan Coil α/β, Kushala Cocoon α, or Kadachi Coil α
Legs: Nergigante Greaves β, Rathalos Greaves α, Gajau Boots α, or High Metal Greaves α

Weapon: Any weapon with a thunder, ice, or water element
Charm: Fire Charm, Shock Charm, Frost Charm, Flood Charm
Specialized Tools: Vitality Mantle, Fireproof Mantle

The most important pieces of armor in this build are the Uragaan Mail and Coil as that boosts the Partbreaker skill to maximum which does extra damage to monster parts and makes them easier to break. This is a must when fighting Kulve Taroth. The Uragaan armor also grants a lot of fire resistance.

The other armor pieces are for boosting the power of elemental effects. Wear the Kushala armor for ice, the Ingot and Kadachi armor for thunder; and the Jyura and Gajau armor for water.

If you have a neutral weapon or if you don’t mind not having your elemental effects boosted, then you can go with the Nergigante armor or Rathalos armor. The Nergigante helm and greaves boosts affinity rate when stamina is at maximum and wearing three armor pieces heals you as you attack monsters. The rathalos helm boosts attack and the vambraces massively boost fire resistance. The High Metal Greaves boost the power of the cannons dotted around the map where you fight but you won’t be using cannons all the time so it’s not advised to wear them unless you have nothing else to wear.

How to Beat Kulve Taroth

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Now the goal of the quest isn’t to beat Kulve Taroth but to drive it off, similar to the Zorah Magdaros quests. However, attacking the monster grants you parts you can use to create your own weapons and armor. The more you progress in the investigation of Kulve Taroth, the more rewards you obtain.

The final goal of the quest is to break Kulve Taroth’s horns, at which point the investigation is considered complete. Then you can head to the quest counter in the Gathering Hub to collect your special rewards. The higher the Reward Level, the higher your rewards will be. Raising the Reward Level is accomplished by completing research entries and accumulating points you can use to raise the level. You’ll only receive a certain amount of points from other parties. Once a party completes and already completed objective, the Reward Level is overwritten.

You progress in the investigation by collecting tracks, destroying parts, and whittling down the beast’s health. All of this must be done before the monster retreats. Each Gathering Hub investigates their own Kulve Taroth. Moving to another Gathering Hub will reset the reward level but you can still obtain the rewards you collected. You can investigate one Kulve Taroth after another during the time period. Special rewards can be picked up after the time period.

You can check your progress by talking to the Hub Lass. The Pursuit Level displays info about Kulve Taroth based on everyone’s contributions. The higher the level, the better your chances are of completing the objective.

Now on to the fight itself. Kulve Taroth snakes along the path through the caverns. As she moves, go up to her and start attacking her sides and tail. Be wary of when she stops because she might do an extremely wide tail swipe that can knock off a sizable chunk of damage. Take advantage of the Wedge Beetles around the area so you can swing around with your Slinger and attack the monster from the air. Also be on the look out for stones and crystal bursts so you have ammo for you Slinger. That way when she is under a stalactite you can shoot it and send it crashing down on her for massive damage. Piercing weapons like the bow’s Dragon Piercer work wonders on her so long as you attack her nose to tail as this maximizes damage.

If she leaves your immediate area, just wait for the blue scout flies to appear so they can take you right to her.

After a while, you’ll find a huge arena where she will start to fight back. She has a couple of different attacks but the ones you really have to worry about is when she rears up and slams her chest into the ground and when she shoots a blast of fire in a straight line in front of her. Her other attacks like her wide roll are far reaching but they don’t do nearly as much damage and are easy to predict. She occasionally forms a pool of lava around her front. When that happens be sure to run away or climb onto higher ground.

Soon she’ll start glowing red. This means that her body has weaken letting you do more damage. Until that happens try to focus on her chest, head, and horns as those are her weak points.

She’ll eventually move into an area with a lot of lava, so be sure to chug a Cool Drink. If you don’t have one on you, don’t worry as you’ll run into a Chillshroom to turn into a Cool Drink. The area with lava sometimes has lava geysers which you have to avoid but they can damage Kulve Taroth as well.

Once she loses all of her gold armor she’ll become a lot more mobile and add a horn charge attack but concentrate on her horns to finish the fight.

There are some new critters to catch while you’re in The Caverns of El Dorado, so be sure to stop and catch them with your net when you get the chance. Also the crab critters will occasionally try to steal items so be sure to run up to them and take them back before they disappear.

What Do You Get For Beating Kulve Taroth?

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Kulve Taroth is tough but her armor set is well worth the effort. Wearing the helm, arms, and belt boosts the Free Element skill to maximum which draws out 100 percent of a weapon’s hidden element. The arms also has the valuable Power Prolonger skill which allows long swords, dual blades, insect glaives, switch axes, and charge blades to stay powered up longer. The chest armor increases stun resistance and boosts damage of critical hits. And the legs increase the range and effectiveness of items that affect nearby allies and boosts attack when HP is full. So keep on attacking her for that sweet, sweet gold.

As far as weapons go, you’ll get a random assortment of weapons every time you complete the quest. When you go to collect rewards you can get Melded, Dissolved, or Sublimated Weapons that are then appraised like Feystones and turned into weapons. So if you’re trying to get a weapon of a specific type, then you’ll have to fight Kulve Taroth multiple times. We found the hammer especially impressive thanks to its 35 percent affinity rate, defense bonus, and hidden sleep element. If you have unappraised weapons in you inventory, try talking to the Hub Lass again as one Redditor suggested.

You’ll also get Bushi Tickets which you can spend on delivery requests at the Resource Center for cool Layered Armor. The armor doesn’t give any special traits but it changes your appearance to something more unified in case your fashion isn’t on point. To change into the Layered Armor, you have to head to the living quarters and select “Change Appearance” when interacting with the item box.

Have any other tips for beating Kulve Taroth? Let us know in the comment section below.

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