How to Beat Arch Tempered Lunastra in Monster Hunter World

how to beat arch tempered lunastra


Arch-Tempered Lunastra is available to fight in Monster Hunter World from now until October 18.

The normal version of Lunastra is hard enough, but now you have to contend with even stronger attacks. If you’re struggling to defeat Arch-Tempered Lunastra, then look no further.

How to Beat Arch-Tempered Lunastra

According to the official Monster Hunter World website, you can fight Arch-Tempered Lunastra by accepting the event quest “When Blue Dust Surpasses Red Lust.” You need to be at Hunter Rank 50 or higher.

You’re going to want to wear armor that has a ton of fire resistance. You can also wear armor with Health Boost and similar armor skills to be able to take extra damage as icemage_999 suggests.

Lunastra is weakest to ice element weapons and only mildly susceptible to water. She is also moderately weak to blast and stun.

The Fireproof Mantle Specialized Tool is absolutely essential for this fight. It reduces fire damage, nullifies burn and Blastblight, and prevents damage from hot environments for three minutes. It can be acquired by completing the Optional Quest “A Fiery Convergence.”

Cool Drinks are absolutely essential. Lunastra does heat damage when you are near her when she has blue powder surrounding her, and that can be negated with the Cool Drink. If you find yourself low on Cool Drinks, just pick the white mushrooms around the arena.

Since all of Lunastra’s attacks have been given a buff, the key to winning this fight is learning when she attacks and – more importantly – when you can attack her.

Make sure you focus your attacks on her weak spots. Players with weapons that inflict stun such as hammers and hunting horns need to hit the head as Lunastra is moderately susceptible to stun. Players with weapons that can hit vertically such as long swords and lances can hit the weak spots on her wings. The tail is also a weak spot and can be severed to nullify her tail swipe attack, so slicing weapon users need to focus there.

Weave around the fire pits she forms on the ground when Lunastra attacks. The pits can do a lot of damage, especially when they’re lit by Lunastra’s fire attacks. This can prevent you from surviving a powerful blow or even finish you off if you run into it. You can put the pits out with a weapon with water element, but you’ll be wasting too much time. If your health bar turns red from the heat damage, you can recover the damage by eating an Astera Jerky.

You need to be very wary of her Supernova attack, where she sends out one heat wave dealing constant heat damage and then another that explodes the fire pits in the area. Reddit user icemage_999 suggests you use the Farcaster to instantly get out of range of the heat waves as you won’t be able to heal through them like you can with regular Lunastra.

Some of Lunastra’s attacks can stun you with wind pressure. Icemage_999 said that having Windproof 3 prevents knockback from Lunastra’s attack where she sends out a line of fire in front of her and Windproof 5 prevents knockdown from the Supernova. The attacks will still damage you, though.

According to RageGamingVideos, there’s a Tempered Teostra roaming around the map where you fight Arch-Tempered Lunastra. If they meet, then they can perform an even stronger version of the Supernova. However, you can fire a flash pod to try and separate them. Try to ignore Teostra and make him escape by using Dung Pods.

Also take advantage of the falling rocks in the huge, crystal-lined room in the map. Shoot your Slinger ammo at the chipped crystal to send it crashing down on Lunastra for big damage.

Rewards for Beating Arch-Tempered Lunastra

You can get a special material for beating Arch-Tempered Lunastra that lets you craft the gamma version of her armor set. This set isn’t too different from the other ones but the skills are quite different.

Here’s a little breakdown:

Crown – Wide-Range Level 2, Peak Performance Level 1, 3 Level 1 Jewel Slots
Mail – Earplugs Level 2, Tool Specialist Level 1, 1 Level 3 Jewel Slots
Vambraces – Agitator Level 2, Evade Extender Level 1, 1 Level 3 Jewel Slots & 1 Level 1 Jewel Slot
Coil – Evade Window Level 2, Health Boost Level 2, 1 Level 3 Jewel Slots
Legs – Earplugs Level 2, Agitator Level 1, 1 Level 3 Jewel Slots

In addition, wearing two Lunastra armor pieces grants you increased stamina cap and wearing four pieces prevents attacks from being deflected and shortens the distance before ammo and arrows reach max power.

You can also get the Sakura Layered Armor for beating Lunastra according to the game’s official website.

Have any tips for beating Arch-Lunastra? Let us know in the comment section below.

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