Palkia Group Size for Pokemon Go Raids

palkia group size


Palkia is now available to fight in Pokemon Go.

The Legendary Pokemon will be available to fight in tier five Raid Battles from now until Feb. 28 at 1:00 p.m. PST, according to an in-game message.

If you’re looking to take on the Legendary Pokemon, you may be wondering what the optimal group size for Raids is. Well wonder no longer.

The Silph Road recommends having at least four people in your group when you fight Palkia. However, the website said that it is possible to defeat Palkia with only two people in the group. However, you would need optimal counters and both trainers at level 40.

User Kryd0s on The Silph Road Subreddit also recommends using three or four people, but said that it’s possible to defeat Palkia with just two.

The size of your group may vary depending on everyone’s trainer level and access to strong counters. Remember that the maximum level of Pokemon on your team is the same as your Trainer Level. So the higher your level, the higher the maximum level of your Pokemon.

For info on the best counters and moves to use against Palkia, click here.

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