10 Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The mystical realm of Heroes of Might & Magic previously made its way onto mobile devices with 2018’s Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians.

Now in 2019, Ubisoft is bringing players back to its fantastical RPC-centric experience with Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos. Queen Catherine Ironfist needs your help as she fights to restore the Kingdom of Erathia, which has been burned and pillaged due to the effects of war. In order to successfully see your crusade to completion, you’ll need to summon legendary warriors who’ll fight for your worthy cause. Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos’ real-time battles are definitely eventful – armies come to blows on the battlefield during massive castle siege battles and epic PvP clashes. This developer curated tips guide is meant to push you towards victory during an Era of Chaos!

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos:

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1. Formation Strategy Prevails

• Before each battle, you’ll need to tactically deploy your units across the battlefield grid. Most units have front and back row position attributes. For example, you’ll want to place your archers in the back rows to protect them from the front enemy lines. Check out the unit descriptions below to see what they’re capable of during each battle encounter:

Attack Unit – Offensive Units can decrease their target’s armor by a certain percentage. Multiple effects are redundant.
Defense Unit – Defense Units have higher damage reduction and strong stamina, which helps them survive longer in battle.
Charging Unit – if there is no enemy in its path, it will attack the nearest troops in the enemy’s back row. They also deal more damage to Caster units
Ranged Unit – the further the distance between the Ranged unit and their target, the more deadly their attack will be.
Caster Unit – the Caster Unit type has high magic resistance.

• The decisions you make during the pre-battle phase have a major effect on the outcome of each battle, as a well-placed unit can mean the difference between victory and defeat. For example, deploying a Charging Unit is essential when you’re looking to quickly attack an enemy Caster or Ranged Unit from the rear. The Charging Unit Cavalier is essential since it breaks through the front row from the formation gap and directly kills enemy archers.

2. A Proper Combination of Heroes and Units is Key, so Make Sure to Know Your Heroes’ Specific Abilities

• Once aligned with a specific hero, some units will earn a substantial boost, such as a change in appearance and newly acquired skills. For example, when Catherine Ironfist is on the battlefield, her Swordsmen will turn into Iron Crusaders and their HP will increase by 20-percent. On top of all this, when Catherine upgrades to four stars, the number of Swordsmen you’ll have on hand increases from nine to 16. Their attack, defense, and other attributes are greatly improved as well.

• Catherine and Swordsmen are available early on in the game. The hero interface allows you to see the special effects of each hero. Use the combo effect between the hero and certain units to create an ultimate lineup. Similarly, some units can be combined together to earn additional combos. For example, Monks have “High Morale” spells that provide a shield equal to 10-percent of HP to the Iron Crusaders.

3. Get Your Timing Downpat When Your Hero’s Spell is Ready to Go

• Releasing a hero’s magic spell on the battlefield can often change the tide of battle in your favor – the timing and positioning of your spell are always important. For example, Gelu’s ultimate spell “Frenzy” sacrifices 30-percent HP of all friendly units within a large range (it does not cause fatal damage), which helps their ATK speed greatly increase.

• Use a combination of spells such as “Stone Skin” and “Precision” to reduce the negative effects of HP loss caused by the Frenzy spell. The Precision spell will increase your units’ precision and accuracy by 100-percent, while the Frenzy attack spell will increase the damage done to your foes. Attack spells should be relied upon to damage ranged units who are peppering your troops with attacks from afar, while stat-boosting spells should be used more often to keep your weaker troops in the fight.

4. Don’t Forget to Explore the Guild Adventure Map for Additional Ressources

• On the Guild Adventure map, you can control your hero while they retrieve materials, eliminate monsters, occupy the mine, and clash with huge bosses. Players who’re looking for some multiplayer competition can enter “The Underground” and clash with two other guilds during the weekly challenge. Each guild must occupy as many castles as possible for as long as possible to get as many points as possible. Any city that occupies the Guild Underground can produce crystals and diamonds during their allotted time.

5. Be Mindful of Your Energy

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos


• Energy is an important resource you’ll always want to keep an eye on. Your energy will be completely refilled every day at midnight. You can also obtain extra energy by asking your friends and guildmates for a free refill. You should never put up your diamonds towards purchasing more energy – they’re better served towards the goal of earning extra units for your army.

6. Properly Upgrade Your Units

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos


• As you continually defeat the opposition, you’ll obtain the EXP and items needed to improve your units’ stats. Focus on completely upgrading one unit when you have all the materials needed to improve their gear. Some units tend to require the same material type when it comes time to level up their gear.

• Be sure to focus on the unit you want to upgrade the most by saving all the essential materials they require for their upgrade needs over another unit that also requires the same upgrade items. Gather up enough coins so you can always rely on the Enhance 5 option to enhance your favorite unit’s equipment level at a much faster rate. Upgrade every facet of a single unit until there’s nothing left to upgrade, then repeat the very same process with another unit type.

7. Take Advantage of Those Artifacts

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos


• Collecting Artifacts can enhance the hero’s magical recovery and damage enemy units. Rare artifacts are known for boosting your army via unique active/passive skills. For example, the “Cloak of the Undead King” artifact can automatically summon nine skeletons at the start of each battle. That ability makes it one of the better artifacts in the game.

8. Fill Out Your Roster

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos


• Whenever you come across a new unit type on the field, make sure you take them down ASAP so you can place them alongside your units. And once you have enough diamonds to do so, take advantage of the Purchase 10 option within the SR Units tab so you can earn a big boost in available unit members with one purchase. Apply the same purchasing process to obtaining new Unit Tokens – save up all your keys until you have 100 of them to take care of the biggest purchasing option.

9. Regularly Complete Level Challenge, Main Story and Underground Missions Every Day

• Completing Main and Daily missions will get you a decent amount of coins, crystals and growth points. But the majority of the best rewards you’ll walkway with are granted through the completion of events challenges. Here is where you’ll see the Level Challenge, Main Story and Underground missions you’ll need to complete on each associated day for an ongoing event.

• Your main focus should be trying to complete a good number of the missions applied to each mission type on a daily basis. The best rewards and an extra main unit will come your way due to your full completion efforts. Also, make sure you check out the Guidebook from time to time to see how close you are to earning a big reward from completing the Adventure Missions for a certain mode type.

10. Three Star Ratings FTW!

Might and Magic Heroes Era of Chaos


• As you make your way across the map and complete each battle, you’ll begin to collect the stars needed to fill the prize meter seen at the bottom of the map screen. Reaching the maximum amount of stars required to earn the maximum payout of rewards is always an activity you should have at the front of your goals.

• This means you should go out of your way to attain a three-star rating on every stage you complete. Pausing during a battle brings up the three requirements you need to fulfill to earn a star, so be sure to do that if you forget what’s at stake. And finally, do your best to clear every part of a campaign map – doing so will grant you access to even more rewards, such as a new unit type should you best them in battle.

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