5 Disney Frozen Adventures Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Now that Frozen 2 has finally drifted onto the big screen, a mobile game befitting of its amazing grandeur has hit the scene!

That game is the match-three puzzler Disney Frozen Adventures, a mobile experience that’s tailor-made for younger and older gamers alike. The thriving Kingdom of Arendelle needs some decorating, which means you’ll need to complete puzzles, earn snowflakes and put them to use as you beautify the world of Frozen. We’re here to make sure your decoration efforts go as smoothly as possible, which is why we went out our way to put together this tips guide for everyone who loves Disney Frozen Adventures.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Disney Frozen Adventures:

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1. Rely on the Recommended Character Stated for Each Stage and Switch Up Your Strategy Should You Fail

Disney Frozen Adventures

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• Once you finally unlock the game’s three main characters (Elsa, Anna, and Olaf), each stage that you’ll participate in afterward will notify you of which character is the best option to go with. You should always take the game’s advice in this situation since that character pick is usually always right. By matching up the blue orbs on a current stage, you’ll help fill up the magic meter for the character you’re using.

• By completely filling a character’s magic meter, they’ll throw two special crystal pieces on the board that will aid you in a major way. Elsa places two “Line Clear” pieces on the board, Anna puts two “Crystal Blasts” on the board and Olaf drops two “Ice Butterflies” on the board. While some levels don’t give you a choice to use a certain character, most of the time you’re given the chance to choose who you’d like to go in with. If you happen to fail with the recommended character for a stage, switch it up and go with another option just to see if your chances of victory increase. Olaf’s always a safe choice for every stage if you ask us – his special power-up is pretty helpful during every puzzle.

2. Bring Your Pre-Match Boosters Into the Fray After Failing a Stage for the First Time

• At some point, you’ll be given the opportunity to bring one of two special pieces with you onto a stage before it even begins. You can either utilize the Line Clear/Crystal Blast combination or the super useful “Rainbow Snowflake.” Once you run out of each pre-match power-up, they cost a pretty penny (or coin, in this case) to obtain once again.

• This means you really need to be extra careful when it comes to relying on either boost for a certain stage. Make sure you play a stage first without relying on them just to see if you can complete it without a boost’s extra assistance. If you happen to fail at the current stage you’re playing on, that’s the best time to bring one of those pre-match boosts with you during your next attempt and give yourself a better chance at beating that stage.

3. Basic Activation Tactics for Special Crystal Pieces

Disney Frozen Adventures

Jam City, Inc.

• So we’ve already mentioned each of the game’s special crystal pieces – the Line Clear, Crystal Blast, Ice Butterfly and Rainbow Snowflake. Matching up four crystals vertically or horizontally gifts you with a Line Clear piece – you should always aim its row/column clearing ability in the way of the game’s objective crystals or other puzzle pieces that must be cleared. The Crystal Blast piece can be placed on the board by matching five crystals in a T/L shape – activating this crystal piece causes it to explode and clear off a ton of crystals in its vicinity.

• An Ice Butterfly can be created by matching up four crystals in a square formation – once activated, an Ice Butterfly will take flight and usually clear off a crystal/piece off the board that’s tied to its completion. The final (and best) special crystal piece is the Rainbow Snowflake, which can be created by matching five crystals together in a straight line. Once matched with another crystal, the Rainbow Snowflake will wipe out all the crystals of the one you just matched with on the board.

4. Special Crystal Combos Will Usually You Succeed at Every Puzzle You’re Having Trouble With

• One of the best methods towards attaining a successful stage completion is the usage of special crystal combinations. Matching two Line Clears together leads to a row and a column of pieces getting cleared in a plus sign formation. Matching up a Line Clear and a Crystal Blast helps clear out three rows and three columns all in one move. Two Crystals Blasts being matched together leads to an even bigger explosion that clears off a ton of crystals and other bothersome obstacles.

• Matching up a Crystal Blast with an Ice Butterfly helps send off the Ice Butterfly to a piece to clear it and cause an explosion once it lands. Matching up a Line Clear with an Ice Butterfly also sends off that Ice Butterfly to clear off a piece, but this time it helps clear a whole row/column once it lands. Two Ice Butterflies being combined leads to three of them being created, which then leads to them flying off to clear three random pieces off the board. Combing any of the other pieces with a Rainbow Crystal creates multiples of the other powerup across the board and immediately sets them off. If you happen to clear a stage with a few moves left and some special crystal pieces left on the board, the game will activate those pieces and throw a few extra ones on the board to help you attain a big score bonus and some extra coins to boot!

5. Be Sure to Login on a Daily Basis

Disney Frozen Adventures

Jam City, Inc.

• You’ll want to make sure you log in to Disney Frozen Adventures on a daily basis. Even when you’re not in the mod to complete a few stages, go ahead and open the app just so you can collect your daily bonus reward. That way, you can rely on any of the helpful items you get through this method the next time you log in to complete a few puzzles. But if you ever get your hands on one of those limited-time usage heart retries, it’s best if you put it to good use right away by completing a few tough stages.

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