5 Raid: Shadow Legends Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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The fantastical real of Teleria is under attack and needs the aid of heroic champions.

Your assistance in this matter is extremely important since you have the power to command an army of powerful, world-saving champions. Raid: Shadow Legends gives you the power to unlock new warriors, send them into battle, and strengthen them so they can defeat even more powerful foes. Besides all the battles you’ll be participating in, Raid: Shadow Legends commands you to run your own bastion, join and fight alongside a loyal clan and participate in all sorts of reward-granting events. Our time spent with Raid: Shadow Legends has been pretty fruitful, so take our advice and be sure to thank us when you’ve finally placed yourself on the road to victory!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Raid: Shadow Legends:

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1. Dominate the Battlefield!

Raid Shadow Legends

Plarium Global Ltd

• When you’re pushed toward the heat of battle, Raid: Shadow Legends gives you five game modes to choose from in that regard – Campaign, Dungeons, Factions Wars, Arena and Clan Boss. The Campaign battle mode is the one mode you’ll be spending a lot of your game energy towards.

• In order to get the best rewards from the Campaign, you’ll need to fulfill the three Campaign Challenges for the current stage you’re playing through every time. By getting a perfect three-star rating after every completed Campaign battle, you’ll fill the rewards meter that’s at the bottom of the Campaign Map and unlock new goodies. One of the Campaign Challenges for each stage always requires you to head into battle with just two party members in tow, so make sure those two warriors are always the strongest out of your entire roster. And also be sure those two characters are of two different affinity types as well.

• When you’re about to log off for the day, be sure to take advantage of the Multi-Battle option before you do so. Just pick a Campaign battle you’ve completed with a perfect three-star rating, throw in five warriors you’re desperate to quickly level up and use up the 15 chances the Multi-Battle option gives you to complete your chosen Campaign battle. That way, you can quickly level up your weaker champions and give yourself more characters to choose from once you confront the challenges of the other battle modes. Once the Multi-Option completely refills, rinse and repeat! This XP farming trick also does a great job of raising your player level and unlocking new bastion features much faster, too.

2. Use the Portal, Tavern and Sparring Pit to Unlock and Upgrade New Warriors

Raid Shadow Legends

Plarium Global Ltd

• As you earn different types of shards, you’ll get the chance to add new warriors to your party by earning them through the Portal. Now, whenever you acquire one-star ranked champions, you should only utilize them as nothing more than sacrificial lambs for your higher star-ranked party members. The Tavern will allow you to perform that very action.

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• Now when you begin to acquire more two star-heroes, you should strengthen them up along with your higher star-ranked champions…at first. Once you get your hands on more three-star champions, you’ll need to start sacrificing your leveled up two-star champions in order to make those three-star warriors that much stronger. Your overall army should be jam-packed with nothing but three-star or higher ranked champions as you get that much deeper into the game.

• When you’re in the Tavern, be sure to use its character upgrading options to boost the effectiveness of your three-star or higher ranked champions. When you get your hands on a strong new champion after completing a Campaign battle or getting one through the Portal, you should think about putting them to work in the Sparring Pit. An entirely new champion can be leveled up without any active participation during battles thanks to the passive upgrading opportunity offered through the Sparring Pit.

3. Make Sure All of Your Favorite Champions Have Gear of the Same Color Alignment Attached to Them

Raid Shadow Legends

Plarium Global Ltd

• When it comes time to equip your preferred champions with stat-boosting gear, make sure all six slots are always filled with gear of the same color alignment. The Artifacts you attach to a champion should all fall into the same set type, which then grants that champion an extremely beneficial gear set bonus.

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• Your champions will need all the help they can get once they take on the challenge of Dungeons, which grants you awesome rewards upon completion such as character ascending potions, much better gear, champion upgrading brew, etc. You should have at least two three-star or higher ranked champions in your party before you take on an entire ladder of Dungeons battles. The same strategy applies to confronting the challenge of completing those difficult Faction Wars and Arena battles.

4. Unlock the Mine, Upgrade it Accordingly, Then Go Crazy With Gem Spending in the Shop

Raid Shadow Legends

Plarium Global Ltd

• Gems stand out as Raid: Shadow Legends’ form of premium currency that can be used to purchase some super useful items in the shop. While it may seem wise to purchase a Pile of Silver or two with your hard-earned gems, don’t rush to make those shop purchases just yet. Before you start making gem purchases, gather up 500 of them beforehand so you can unlock the Mine.

RAID: Shadow Legends | Build Your Own Bastion | Gem MineEver wondered why that huge Gem is chained and floating over the mine? Well, we don’t really know either – let’s say it’s magic. But we do know what kind of benefits the Gem Mine would give you. This episode highlights the Gem Mine and explains what is required to unlock and upgrade it as…2019-09-26T08:48:24.000Z

• Once you do that, put all your efforts into fully upgrading it so it produces more free gems for you over time. Let the Mine work for you in the background so you can acquire even more gems and purchase some beneficial goods from the Gem Shop (XP Boosts, Shard Packs, and Potion Packs are always worth acquiring when you have the gems needed to do so).

5. Stay Abreast of All Your Missions, Quests, and Challenges

Raid Shadow Legends

Plarium Global Ltd

• Besides playing through the game normally, there are other ways to earn rewards. One of the best ways to do that is completing all sorts of Missions, Quests, and Challenges. You’re usually notified with a red dot on either of those main menu tabs once one of them has been fulfilled, so you’ll always know when a reward is coming your way.

• When it comes to quests, be sure to complete every single daily quest before you log off for the day so you can earn the maximum set of rewards for beating them all. Hop in any of the three tabs mentioned here from time to time to head into a requested goal with just one button press and complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oh and by the way, make sure you log in on a daily basis to earn daily login (as well as new player) rewards and play for as long as possible to also get your hands on all the Playtime Rewards.

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