10 Best Fortnite Creative Codes & Maps in 2020

Best Fortnite Creative Maps and Codes

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Ever since the launch of the Fortnite Creative Mode, there have been many fans who have so much time on their hands that they’re able to make brand new modes for the game.

One such mode is the Deathrun, which was made popular by FaZe Cizzorz, who managed to get a whole Fortnite Creative World Cup created as a result of the popularity of his maps.

Outside of the Deathruns, there’s Prop Hunt, Zone Wars, and even Search and Destroy maps in Fortnite. With so many options out there for players, we did our best tracking down our 10 favorite Fortnite Creative maps.

Of course, there’s no way to please everyone, so it’s very possible we’ll be missing some of your favorites on the list.

Without further ado, in no particular order, here are 10 of our favorite Creative maps and the codes needed to play them.

1. Cizzorz Deathrun 4.0

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Might as well get the creator of the whole genre out of the way first. Cizzorz was the one who popularized Deathruns for everybody and he absolutely crushed it.

His maps have become so elaborate over time and many of the big streamers will spend hours trying to overcome them every time a new one releases.

This will be one of the hardest Deathruns you come across, so if you’re able to complete it, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with finishing the others. Don’t say we didn’t warn you because this one will take a long time to complete.

2. Jesgran’s Deathrun 2.0 – Most Detailed Deathrun Map Available!

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  • Code: 1103-0256-3362

Like Cizzorz’s run, this will be a difficult map to complete, but it has the added bonus of being one of the best looking Deathrun maps we’ve seen so far.

If you’re missing the Baller in the Battle Royale mode, which you’re probably not, if we’re being honest, then you’ll love this map because you’ll need to traverse the map with it.

For those of you who love a challenge, you’ll fall in love with this map pretty fast. It’s going to take a lot of practice, but after you get enough runs in it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to finish.

3.  Dust 2 4V4/5V5/6V6 SnD | GENZ

Stay with us here because this one gets confusing fast. Entering this island code will allow players to play Search and Destroy, a Call of Duty game mode, on Dust II, a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, in Fortnite.

For those who are wondering how this could possibly work in Fortnite, there’s no reason to wonder anymore because it works like a dream somehow.

The mode takes from the CSGO economy system, so you’ll be buying your weapons from Vending Machines at the beginning of each round.

Attackers will be tasked with planting a bomb (or eliminating the enemy team), while the defenders have to prevent this from happening. It’s chaotic fun that feels right at home in the world of Fortnite, so if you’re a fan of the mode, don’t waste any time and jump right into it here!

4. Super Fortnite Bros. – Hyrule Temple

VideoVideo related to 10 best fortnite creative codes & maps in 20202020-02-02T09:00:33-05:00

Any Smash fans here? This Creative map recreates the beloved map first seen all the way back in Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64.

This iteration of the map first appeared in Melee and it quickly became a fan-favorite. Fast forward to 2020 and now it makes an appearance in Fortnite.

It holds up to eight players, so things can get chaotic very fast. If you’re feeling nostalgic, or just want to try something new, feel free to enter this code and get started!

5. Vortex Zone Wars: Chapter 2

*NEW* VORTEX: Season X Zone Wars Map (Circle Zones, Multiple Phases, Shifting)Welcome to my first Season X zone wars map, this is by far the most realistic zone wars map to exist, I have more to come and a tutorial for the new storm controller and beacon, so don't forget to subscribe for that, cya! code: 9310-1401-9904 Songs: Looped Up by Tobi Lou Monroe by LAKEY…2019-08-05T01:32:01Z

If you’re ever trying to practice your editing skills and improve in Fortnite, Zone Wars will be an excellent way to do so.

While you can play casually without knowing how to build well, if you want to take things to the next level you’ll need to learn how to take walls and build quickly.

This particular map will simulate an endgame circle that’s moving and quickly closing in on you. It will require you to think on your feet or else you’ll succumb to the other players.

It’s definitely something that will benefit those who actually want to make money by playing Fortnite. If you’re just a casual player, you might not get a lot of use out of this one.

6. Turf War Neopolis (Splatoon)

VideoVideo related to 10 best fortnite creative codes & maps in 20202020-02-02T09:00:33-05:00

If you’re hankering for a good game of Splatoon, instead of firing up the game on the Wii U or Nintendo Switch, maybe you’ll consider trying it out in Fortnite.

That’s right, you can actually play Splatoon in Fortnite by using this code. The objective is to paint as much of the map as you can. In the end, whoever covered most of the map will come away victorious.

It might sound lame from the outside looking in, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Even if you haven’t played Splatoon before, you’ll find a lot of fun with this one.

7. Dead by Fortlight IV: Halloween

Dead by Fortlight IV: HALLOWEEN *OFFICIAL TRAILER + *CODEThe killer is back and he is stronger than ever! Survivors have to destroy the 4 engines while the Killer tries to stop them and eleminate them! CODES: [4 players MAX]: 5809-4686-3899 👉SUBSCRIBE and turn on notifications! 👉Use code: Thyrosx if you want more maps! #FortniteMares #FortniteFright #FortniteCreative #Fortnite2019-10-30T19:50:58Z

All of the Dead by Daylight fans out there will want to pay attention to this one. Dead by Fortlight is a recreation of the asymmetrical horror game and features two different ways to play.

Usually, you’d have four survivors and one killer, but this map will only allow four players max. Instead of having to repair the generators, survivors in Fortnite will be tasked with destroying them.

The killer will still have to hunt everyone down and prevent them from escaping. It’s not a shot-for-shot recreation of the popular title, but it’ll still be something that appeals to fans.

8. Snipers vs Runners

FORTNITE : SNIPERS vs RUNNERSCODE CRÉATEUR : LASALLEFILOU54 Comment utiliser le code créateur : youtube.com/watch?v=cvLeCPLK2Vc2019-02-20T15:44:56Z

In this mode, players will be split into snipers and runners. The runners will be tasked with making it through the map without dying, while the snipers will have to prevent that from happening.

Runners aren’t able to defend themselves, so they’ll need to do everything they can to get to the end with their lives. To make matters even worse, they only have five minutes to make it, so things can get stressful fast.

On the other hand, this means the snipers will need to fire with pinpoint accuracy. This will be a good mode to practice your aim in Fortnite, but it could also be a fun map to play with friends if you want to just relax with a group of friends.

9. Mario Kart 64 – Bowser’s Castle [Update]

VideoVideo related to 10 best fortnite creative codes & maps in 20202020-02-02T09:00:33-05:00

Let’s throw it back to another N64 title, this time it’s Mario Kart 64. There are so many good maps to choose from, but this player decided to recreate Bowser’s Castle.

It’s a good choice, even though this was one of the most difficult maps in the entire game. Thanks to Fortnite’s All-Terrain Karts, Mario Kart is a possibility and this player knocks it out of the park.

If you’ve played the N64 classic in the past, you’ll instantly feel a sense of nostalgia when you load it up for the first time. Grab a friend or two and relive your glory days!

10. Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater’s “Warehouse”

Tony Hawks pro skater warehouse.Fortnite creative modebossboxes.shop/ use code take for 10% off LEAVE A LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2019-03-20T15:09:31Z

This map recreates yet another classic game, this time it’s Tony Hawk’s Warehouse level. In this map, players are able to perform a variety of stunts using the Fortnite Driftboard.

While it’s not exactly a skateboard, it works just as fine and doing tricks will even run up a score for players.

If Activision isn’t going to give us any more Tony Hawk games, we’ll have to rely on Fortnite players to keep it rolling.

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