10 The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The Seven Deadly Sins manga/anime has gotten the mobile gatcha game treatment with Netmarble’s Grand Cross.

In it, you’ll come across Meliodas and his many trusted comrades (and mortal foes) in a fun RPG that relives the source material’s main story beats. You’ll assemble The Seven Deadly Sins knight brigade to confront great evils while also tending to your mobile tavern, aid villagers in need of your assistance and take on numerous battles along the way. There’s a daunting amount of tasks to fulfill in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross and you’re definitely going to need a few tips on how to navigate them all. We’ve chosen to rise to the occasion and make your journey through the land of Britannia a much easier and enjoyable process.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross:

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1. When Selecting a Card Ability, Try to Create Card Fusions Without Forcing Them

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Netmarble Corporation

• Once you learn the basics of battle, you’ll always want to have the chance to utilize all three ability card slots for each turn during a skirmish that calls for your manual move selection. In this case, it’s always best if you place cards in all three move slots and not force a card fusion through your own card maneuvering. By manually placing two similar cards next to each other, you’ll end up losing one of your turns. While it’s always great to have a powered-up ability card in your deck that’s available for instant usage, don’t use this method since you’ll have to sacrifice one of your active card slots.

• Just place any of your preferred cards in the three slots for a turn and let two copies of the same card eventually combine with each other simply because they happen to fall in line as other cards no longer obstruct them from getting next to each other. This method works best since you won’t have to sacrifice a turn through manual card fusing and you may end up with powerful fused cards during a single turn. And the best part about all this? All three active card slots will be available to use.

2. Put the Auto Battle and x2 Speed Feature to Good Use During Non-Story Battles

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has a vast array of battle types you can participate in. Most of them give you the option to allow your chosen party members to battle on their own and do so at a much faster rate. When you’re given the option to use the Auto Battle and x2 battle speed modes for certain battles, be sure to rely on them to speed up the XP and item farming process.

• Activating those two modes helps you complete certain battles with ease if you placed your best party members on the field, plus you’ll help make them even stronger for future encounters that require your manual input. This method works extremely well when you’re farming for goods and XP through the repeated completion of previously beaten SP Dungeon battles and Growth Events.

3. Click on Every Available Option Within the Game in Order to Finish a Tutorial and Earn a Diamond as a Reward

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Netmarble Corporation

• With a mobile game as feature-rich as Grand Cross, it becomes quite daunting to keep track of everything there is to do and see. Luckily, there’s a tutorial for everything you tap on. Whenever you have some time to just freely wander around, click on all the available tabs you haven’t gotten an explanation for yet.

• A tutorial will immediately break down everything for you and gift you with a valuable diamond for your learned lesson. Diamonds are especially useful since they can be used to purchase tavern decorations that give you various boosts, alternate character costumes that give them stat buffs and tons of other beneficial items. Complete every tutorial you can in order to get your hands on as many diamonds as possible.

4. When Setting Up a Team, Rely on Your Own Roster of Characters Instead of Your Friends’ Warriors

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Netmarble Corporation

• As you progress through the game, you’ll link up with new online friends and have the option of selecting one of their characters as a sub party member that can back up your three-person squad. While this option is worth utilizing from time to time during super-tough battles, you’re much better off relying on your own heroes to fill all four party member slots. Chances are your friends’ sub hero options are already leveled up to an extremely high number.

• Focus on making your unlocked heroes as strong as possible by allowing them to take on less difficult battles – by completing them, they’ll earn the XP needed to put them on a higher level that’s comparable to your friends’ backup crew members. At some point, you won’t even have to rely on their sub heroes since your leveled up party members are strong enough to handle a myriad of difficult battles on their own.

5. Spend Your Hero Enhance Potions on Newly Unlocked Characters

• Once you earn a brand new hero, you’ll want to quickly bring them up to the current levels of your strongest party members or even surpass them. When it comes time to enhance one of these newly earned characters, use an Enhance Potion or two to help them reach a higher level or even their max level in a matter of seconds. Hero Enhance Potions can easily be obtained through the completion of Growth Event battles, by the way. Once you help a character reach their max level, head to their evolve tab so you can quickly locate the battles that will gift you with the required ingredients for their evolution.

• The same method applies to collecting the ingredients needed for a character’s awakening process. As for ultimate move upgrading, you’ll need to have character coins of the same type on hand to further strengthen that ability. Always make sure you have enough coins on hand to make use of every character upgrading feature, by the way. As for the equipment tab, use the recommended equipment option at all times – the game usually places the best gear on your character of choice and activates set bonuses every time there’s enough available gear to do so.

6. Take a Peek Into Your Item Storage to Quickly Sell Off Treasure Chests

• Within the menu tab lies your item storage. Here is where you’ll come across the misc. tab that houses all of the treasure chests you’ve collected during your journey. You don’t have to head into a village and converse with a merchant every time you want to sell them off – you can perform that simple task much faster and easier just by selecting your treasure chests from the item storage tab and selling them off from there.

• When you’re looking to purchase certain materials, equipment, and other goods, feel free to enter a random village and make a few transactions. And don’t sell off your unused equipment – you’re much better off salvaging them within the tavern so you can earn the enhance stones needed to improve other pieces of worthwhile gear.

7. Cooking and Decorating Your Tavern Certainly Has its Benefits

• Your tavern is your main base of operations – you can speak to certain characters, add new decorations to your surroundings, salvage pieces of equipment and cook a few dishes. New decorations unlock over time and can only be purchased with diamonds. New decorations come with beneficial boosts that apply to various elements within the game, so pay a visit to the decorations tab from time to time when you have a healthy supply of diamonds in your possession.

• Cooking lets you whip up various dishes that give your party added stat bonuses before a battle, so try combining different ingredients in order to create new foods. You can also head into town to purchase different delicacies if you’d rather not cook sometimes, however. You should only feed your party before engaging in a super difficult battle in order to give them the extra stat boosts they need.

8. Don’t Forget to Tend to the Missions Tied to the Hero’s Way Tab

• Another feature that can be accessed from your tavern is the Hero Way’s missions. These missions are tied to a certain character’s overall progress and are meant to upgrade them to their maximum level of power. Try completing these missions on a regular basis so you can max out a certain character and earn some useful rewards for your efforts.

9. Do Everything Needed in Order to Increase Your Friendship With Villages and Affection with Assorted Party Members

• Once you complete the main story episodes for a town, head into the quests menu and head to the story tab. Each completed chapter within that menu is home to a village that has several side quests for you to complete. Completing those quests helps raise your friendship level with that village, which then gives you access to more shops and various rewards.

• Spend some time taking care of a village’s quests in order to improve your reputation with it and eventually fill the quests meter that helps you earn 50 diamonds. Buddy up with various heroes in order to increase your affection levels with them, by the way – perform the actions stated within the heroes’ affection tab in order to earn the hearts that send even more diamonds your way. Speaking of diamonds, completing all sorts of village quests, tasks and achievements will keep your pockets lined with them.

10. When You’re Ready to Head to the Draw Tab, Make Sure You Have Enough Currency to Spend on the Multi-Draw Options

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross

Netmarble Corporation

• Drawing heroes and equipment is quite addictive – you may get lucky during these draws and earn all-new, powerful versions of the game’s many heroes and pieces of gear. Most of the best heroes you’ll draw are SSR, SR and R tier characters. The following group of heroes is immensely powerful and a worthy addition to any party lineup – [Liones’s Hero] Gowther, [The Grizzly Sin of Sloth] King, [Snatch] Brawler Ban, and [Tempest] Holy Knight Howzer.

• The best way to draw every time is by having enough currency to use the draw 11 time(s) option – the currency needed to take advantage of each draw option is rare, so you should only save them for multi-draw opportunities. That way, you can regularly earn the hero coin multiples needed to strengthen a character’s ultimate move and multiple gear pieces that can be put towards your repeated salvaging activities.

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