How to Unlock Deadpool X-Force Skin in Fortnite

x force deadpool fortnite

Epic Games

Fresh off getting his own skin in Fortnite, Deadpool is receiving yet another variant style and this might the coolest one yet.

Although the Deadpool skin is already in the game thanks to the weekly challenges, Epic Games isn’t finished with them and players will still be able to earn more variations of the same skin.

Following the v12.40 update, a trio of X-Force skins leaked that showed Domino, Psylocke and Cable will all be entering the game at some point.

To coincide with that launch, it appears that Deadpool will be getting his own X-Force variation and it will be the first to arrive.

A new set of Deadpool challenges launch each Friday and if leaks are anything to go by, the April 17 set will be the one that unlocks the X-Force variant.

How to Get X-Force Deadpool Skin

There will be two challenges to complete, but players will only have to complete one of them to unlock the new skin.

  • Find Deadpool’s shorts (0/1)
  • Salute Deadpool’s pants (0/1)

These challenges are leaked courtesy of FireMonkey, who has leaked all of the Deadpool challenges so far this season.

Update: These challenges are now live and here’s how to get them done.

It sounds like it won’t be too hard to get your hands on this variant style as they both seem like things you’ll be able to accomplish without having to actually get into a match.

With this variant, we’ll be up to five different types of Deadpool skins in the game, which is actually quite shocking considering the Marvel hero entered the game without any sort of advertisement.

Of course, you’re not going to see us complaining about some nice skins, so make sure you get these challenges down and claim this skin when you can.

We don’t know yet how much the X-Force skins will cost, but if you want to squad up in style, you’ll want to snatch up all of them.

Deadpool and his squad will join the wide selection of superhero skins already in the game including Batman, Black Widow and Harley Quinn, just to name a few.