5 Dirt Bike Unchained Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

The Red Bull brand is closely associated with the more extreme world of sports.

Their affinity and love for dirt bike racing can now be experienced in a mobile form with the new racing game, Dirt Bike Unchained. In it, you’ll try to push your rider to greatness as you confront rival dirt race competitors on various tracks. One minute, you’ll be speeding past three other racers. The next minute, you’ll be fighting to grab the number one spot during one-on-one racing challenges. With our Dirt Bike Unchained tips and tricks guide, you’ll have no problem grabbing the top spot and competing at your very best.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Dirt Bike Unchained:

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1. The Best Way to Pull Off a Perfect Start

• Every time you kick off a racing challenge, you’ll notice the speedometer to the right side of your rider. You’ll quickly pick up on the fact that getting the speed needle to land right in the green section at the end of the countdown gets you a nice starting boost.

• In order to get this substantial boost more often than not, follow this method – tap the screen to get the countdown started, but don’t tap again until the number two appears. Once you see that two pop up, that’s when you should start repeatedly tapping on your screen. Tap as much as you can to land the needle in the green section and you should have it stay in that position by the time the countdown timer ends. So basically, don’t start revving up your ride on three – begin that action on two instead.

2. Master Your Jumps, Landing, and Power Sliding Manuevers

Dirt Bike Unchained

Red Bull

• Grabbing the top spot during all of your racing competitions may be tough, but it’s doable if you end up mastering the art of jumping, landing, and power sliding. When you hit those small jumps or much larger ramp jumps, it’s best to get as much air as possible before you decide to land.

• Getting the best boost possible should be your main priority here, which means it’s best if you hold down on the screen to land when your ride is as close to the ground as possible. When it comes time to pull off a powerslide, just hold down on the screen until you nab that perfect three-star rating. As soon as you see those three stars pop up on your screen, let go for a split second then hold down on the screen to accelerate again for your subsequent speed boost.

3. Always Try to Place in First or Second During Races

• When it comes to competing in the basic racing tasks, you should always try your best to finish in first or second place. Placing lower than those two positions means you’ll lose reputation point instead of earning them.

• Earning reputation points goes a long way towards earning yourself new goodies along the reputation reward track, so do your best and make sure you’re always adding new reputation points to your grand total instead of subtracting them. The rewards you’ll earn from the reputation reward track are plentiful – you’ll leave with reward boxes full of cash and KTM points, pick up random stacks of cash, earn gold and unlock mentors that gift you with new tricks and additional stat boosts.

4. Make the Proper Upgrades Before You Take on Challenges

Dirt Bike Unchained

Red Bull

• Confronting challenges means you’ll have to contend with rival racers who are usually a step above you. This means you need to amass a ton of cash from winning basic races and reward boxes in order to upgrade your current ride to a respectable level. The four parts of your ride that you can upgrade are its engine, tires, suspension, and transmission. You’ll need tokens in order to rank up your ride and upgrade all of its parts simultaneously, however. In the case of cash being used to make upgrades, you’ll need to make sure all of them are upgraded evenly. That means once you upgrade one bike part, save up enough money so you can go on to the proceeding upgrade and purchase it. You should also keep your unlocked mentors in mind before you hop into a tough one-on-one racing challenge.

• Depending on the track you’ll be competing on, you’ll need the proper mentor stat boots that’ll give you a slight edge against the competition. For example, taking on a challenge on Casey’s Bane (which has a whole lot of big jumps) means you’re better off having Glenn or Manuel as a mentor. Either of these mentors can give your rider a suspension boost that maintains your bike’s speed when landing. Speaking of each track terrain’s difficulty level, here’s how they’re ranked from easiest to hardest – desert, forest, swamp.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Your Team Missions Progress

• Once you unlock the chance to align yourself with a team, take a peek at the timed missions you’re asked to complete. Every time you log-in, you should make completing each tier of team missions one of your main goals.

• Try to complete at least three tiers on your team’s mission board every day so you can walk away with huge heaps of cash and reward box items. Completing missions is the best way to unlock the currency needed to improve your rides and get your hands on plenty of other useful goodies. Those reward box cash and tech boosts come to you more often when you regularly fulfill your team missions on proceeding boards.

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