5 Idle Mafia Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Idle Mafia asks you to take over every city region there is with an (animated) iron fist.

Your rise to power entails everything that’s tied to becoming a supreme mafia boss – taking over businesses via bribes or by force, earning illegal profits by putting those businesses to work, and gaining fellow capos so they can take over those businesses and fight for your cause. Idle Mafia gives you a ton of tasks to complete and plenty of responsibilities to handle, which means you’ll need all the advice you can if you’re looking to stay at the top of the criminal ladder. We’ve spent a whole lot of time getting our criminal empire up to snuff, so we’re here to pass along some sage advice to up and coming mafiosos.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Idle Mafia:

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1. Never Spend Your Money to Unlock a New Building – FIGHT FOR IT!

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• During the first two player ranks of your time spent with Idle Mafia, you’ll be forced to purchase new buildings with your “hard-earned” cash. After those player ranks are passed you’ll get to add multiple capos to your roster, who are utilized as hired guns that fight against rival gangs for you.

• Once you’ve built up a good amount of capos, you should always rely on their combined muscle to unlock new buildings for you. Your profits should only be used to upgrade your buildings (you can level up each one a lot faster by choosing the MAX option, by the way). Just make sure you regularly level/rank up your capos so they’re strong enough to take on the gangs that rule over each building you’re trying to take over.

• Also, keep these battle buffs in mind when putting together a capo party:

Shape: add three capos from the same country for extra health and damage output (+5-percent)
Split: add three capos from the same country and two capos from another country for extra health and damage output (+10-percent)
Convergence: add four capos from the same country for extra health and damage output (+15-percent)
Unity: add five capos from the same country for extra health and damage output (+20-percent)

2. Make Sure Every Building Has a Leveled Up Capo Attached to it

Idle Mafia Mobile Game FunPlus


• Upgraded capos also come in handy since they can be attached to a building to automatically make money for you from their business and multiply its income intake. Once you’ve attached one of your capos to a building, make sure you focus on upgrading that capo the most over the ones who currently aren’t assigned to a building.

• Not only will their increased stats make them more viable in battles, but their income multiplier will also grow larger and make even more money for you over time. A capo placed alongside a building has to have the required level needed to take advantage of that building’s auto option (which helps accumulate business profits much faster, by the way). And when you earn the same type of capo card, that copy will go towards raising the star level and stats of the main one you’ve already unlocked.

3. Take Advantage of the Fight Tab to Collect Tons of Cigars

• In order to upgrade your loyal capos, you’ll need to get your hands on cigars. Now, this type of upgrade item can be obtained by completing regular missions. But you’ll gather them on a much regular basis just by taking advantage of the options available to you within the Fight tab. First, make sure you hop into the ladder of battles against rival gangs – winning these battles grants you access to more cigars. Make sure every capo slot is filled with a powerful character and always keep their combined power rating in mined before you choose to kick off a battle. If yours is lower than the foes you’re about to tussle with, head right back out to the home menu and upgrade your capos before you attempt to take them on again.

• Secondly, be sure to utilize the Instant Fight option every time it’s available. Then just wait it out once you’re done so it fully refills (no need to waste your diamonds on instantly making the Instant Fight option available again). You’ll walk away with a good amount of cigars just for doing so. And thirdly, tap on the rewards tab to earn free cigars that are earned while you’re away. For every one capo you have in your army, a 0.5 idle earning time increase is added to the total amount of idle earning time. Just make sure you only collect your reward cigars once it has reached its MAX time limit.

4. This is the Only Safe & Shop Item You Should Spend Your Diamonds On

• Like most mobile games, diamonds are referred to as the premium currency of Idle Mafia. Since it’s a rare occurrence when you get your hands on them (they can be earned by completing a mission and by unlocking a new street), you should gain as much you can in order to make an all-important purchase. And that purchase pertains to the Mystery Safe.

• Keep in mind that you’ll be able to earn the key needed to crack open this safe for free just by earning them from completing a mission or two. But those mission completion rewards come too few and far between. So when you’ve saved up enough diamonds to make a single Mystery Safe purchase, go ahead and do so. In order to earn 1K+ diamonds, you’ll need to spend a few real-world dollars to make that happen. If you’re only interested in playing Idle Mafia for free, it takes forever to rack up 1K diamonds for free. So just take your time to earn 100 of them so you can pour them into earning a guaranteed epic or legendary capo. Don’t forget to pick up your Free Safe, too – this item unlock becomes available every three hours.

5. Once You Unlock The Video Boost, Push it to Its Max Limit on a Daily Basis

• Once you gain access to your own personal office, the main tab you’ll want to pay close attention to is the Video Boost option. Every time the meter tied to that boost is empty, make sure you watch the required number of videos needed to completely refill it. The x2 Cash Income you’ll get from this Video Boost ability is worth all that video ad watching trouble since it exponentially increases your profit intake for several hours.

• Also, never spend your diamonds on tripling your profits every time you log back in to earn the profits you accumulated while you were away. Always stick to the video ad watching option to double your profits instead. While that double income multiplier might be lower than the triple-sized option, your diamonds are way too precious and shouldn’t be wasted on that option. Video ad viewing comes in handy once again in this instance!

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