5 Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is an all-star get together of Disney’s most iconic characters.

You’ll collect all sorts of popular heroes and villains as you contend with waves of enemies who attempt to crush them in battle. If you’ve always wanted to play an RPG that lets you put Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Sulley and Mulan in the same party lineup, then this mobile game was specifically made for you. Disney’s Sorcerer’s Arena is jam-packed with several battle modes to participate in and plenty of achievements to tend to. We’ve built up a strong army of Disney icons and morphed into a master sorcerer through it all, which is why we’re here to pass along our sage advice to up and coming sorcerers.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena:

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1. The Sorcerer’s Path to Victory!

Disney Sorcerers Arena

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• When you’re confronted by opposing enemies during campaign missions, you’ll usually have to take on waves of them. During these types of skirmishes, you should always make sure you target all of your basic attacks on one enemy at a time. Once an enemy uses a taunt special, however, your attacks will fall on them for a few turns anyway so they may have just done a favor for you. Each of your party members has access to offensive specials and specials that act as stat boosters or healing abilities. For the first wave or two of foes you come across, the only specials you should rely on are of the stat-boosting/healing kind. You’ll want to make sure you keep all your party members in the fight and ready to win together once the final wave comes their way.

• Once you come to blows with the final wave of baddies, that’s when it’s time for you to unleash all of your characters’ offensive specials. You’ll wipe them out much quicker since you’ve saved them for this exact moment – they’ll all be ready to go instead of recharging if you mistakenly used them on a previous wave of enemies. This rule also applies to your two spells. Save them for the final wave of foes you face and you’ll whittle down their health to nothing in no time. Spells also don’t use up a turn, so it’s worth using a spell first then going right into utilizing an attack special right after. If both of your spells are ready to go, using them in one whole turn then transitioning into using a character special attack can be especially lethal.

2. Three-Star Ratings for Each Completed Campaign Mission are Essential to Your Overall Progess

Disney Sorcerers Arena

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is home to three types of campaign missions – Grand, Heroes, and Villains. If all of your party members survive the entirety of a campaign mission battle, you’ll earn a three-star rating for all your hard work. Once you’ve earned that perfect rating for a completed mission, you can use the Auto-Win option to farm it for extra rewards.

• You should only spend your remaining energy points on the Auto-Win option for a chosen campaign mission once you’re done playing and about to log off. Using up all the leftover energy you still have should be poured into farming all of the Level Up Potions, Emperor’s Coins, XP, character equipment and other goodies you need to keep progressing.

3. Make Sure You Fulfill Your Passholder Season Quests

• Once a current Passholder Season kicks off, you’ll need to focus on completing all of the quests associated with it. The rewards granted from the completion of these quests are some of the best items in the game.

• It doesn’t matter if you stick to the free or Gold member upgrade path for a Passholder Season – just make sure you complete the huge list of quests that comes from it so you can level up to new tiers of awesome rewards. Don’t ever spend your gems to purchase a tier upgrade, by the way – do it the natural way by completing quests to earn tier upgrade XP points. Your gems should only be used to obtain goodies from the premium exchange store.

4. Join an Active Club ASAP!

Disney Sorcerers Arena

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• Aligning yourself with an active guild has some incredible benefits. You can rely on your fellow club members to reward you with requested energy and pieces of character equipment from time to time, plus you can throw yourself into the Club Dungeon to obtain even more essential rewards. Completing Club Dungeon missions and choosing the right door to the next battle aids your club members’ progress within that dungeon. Plus you can accumulate Club Coins through your wins, which can be used to obtain plenty of worthwhile rewards in the exchange shop.

5. This is How All Your Daily Gameplay Sessions Should Go

Disney Sorcerers Arena

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena gives you a ton of tasks to accomplish and it gets a bit daunting to figure out what to get to first. As soon as you log in, go ahead and check in on your Daily Quests. Once those missions have been reset, make sure you complete them ASAP so you can earn all the great rewards granted by them. Once you’ve done that, take a trip to the Sorcerer’s Tournament and be sure to complete all of your daily battles there. Take note – there’s no need to worry about saving your offensive specials and spells for Sorcerer’s Tournament and PvP Arena battles. Use everything you’ve got on the opposition since you’re going up against one wave of opponents in those two cases.

• Also, don’t forget to claim your free chest from the store and watch all those daily advertisements in order to claim ad chest rewards. As for the game’s other modes (Limited Time Events, Towers of Endurance, Summoner Challenges and the PvP Arena), play them as much as you’d like. And once you’re done for the day and about to log off, follow our Auto-Battle strategy to bring your fruitful Disney Sorcerer’s Arena session to an end. Once you’ve done all that, you’ll have earned enough extra pieces of equipment, player level XP and level-up potions for your character upgrading needs. You’ll need those leveled up characters in order to tackle Limited Time Events, so make sure everyone in your party is up to par.

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