Fortnite Fire Extinguisher Item Gameplay Leaks

fortnite fire extinguisher gameplay leak

Epic Games

with Fireflies and the Dragon Shotgun being able to set building ablaze in Fortnite, it only makes sense that players should be given an option to put the fires out, and it looks like Epic Games is getting set to deliver on that.

According to a new leak, there will soon be fire extinguishers added to the game, and it looks like they’ll be like the fuel tanks where they can be shot and detonated, or be carried around in your inventory.

We don’t know much about the stats of this upcoming item, but we do know how it’ll look when it’s detonated, and it looks like it’ll be very interesting.

Let’s dive in and breakdown what this could mean for the game.

Fire Extinguisher Gameplay

According to Fortnite leaker InTheShade, instead of damaging enemies with an explosion, the fire extinguisher will instead create a huge cloud of smoke.

It brings back memories of the Smoke Grenade when that used to be in Fortnite. By creating a cloud of smoke, players were able to rotate through an area freely, but it seemed like that type of strategy never really caught on.

The fire extinguisher does have the added bonus of presumably putting out any fires that are made, so it will have that going for it. Fires aren’t really that much a threat, especially now that Doom’s Domain is gone, but it’s still nice to have options.

When Could This Be Added?

If the leakers are accurate, then we should be expecting v15.20 to drop this week, and with it should come some new content to dive into.

We’re over a month into Season 5 now and we have still only gotten one big update, so we’re long overdue for something else.

This is a pretty long season compared to previous seasons, so it makes a little sense that the updates are so spread out, but with the exception of Operation Snowdown which added a new challenge daily, there really hasn’t been anything new in Fortnite for a while.

It’ll be interesting to see if this fire extinguisher, a Mandalorian pickaxe, and several other new features are finally added with this update.

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