5 Fortnite Gaming Legends Skins We’d Like to See

fortnite gaming legends

Epic Games

With Epic Games showing that Fortnite is willing to collaborate with just about any brand out there, whether it’s a music artist, TV show, movie or video game.

Throughout Chapter 2, we’ve seen a plethora of video game mascots come to the game in the form of Kratos and Master Chief, so the door is left wide open for others to arrive at some point.

Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Aloy, Jinx, and even Tomb Raider have come to Fortnite recently, showing that Epic is open to talking to anybody.

Season 5 was all about bringing hunters to the game, so it made sense at the time for the crossovers to happen, but they have continued long past that, so there’s really no telling where Epic will decide to go next.

There’s no way to know what direction the crossovers will go next, but we do have a few characters on our wishlist that we’d like to see. Keep in mind that these aren’t confirmed by any means, but instead are just people that would be cool to see in Fortnite.

Let’s dive in.

Update: This list previous included Chris Redfield (and Claire RIP) and Tomb Raider, two characters that eventually came to the game, so we’ve updated their spots.

1. Samus

fortnite samus

NintendoSamus would be a great pick.

Nintendo has several characters they could choose from to add into Fortnite if they pleased. When people first think of Nintendo, the first character that comes to mind is likely Mario, but we don’t think he’d be the best fit.

Instead, we’d like to see somebody who has already proven they know how to handle a gun, and also someone who fans have been begging for a lot.

We’re talking about Samus Aran, as made famous from the Metroid series, which has been pretty dormant for a while now. We do know Metroid Prime 4 is in the works, and what better way to drum up some excitement other than adding Samus to Fortnite.

With Nintendo boasting their own mega crossover game with Super Smash Bros, why can’t they share the love?

2. Doom Slayer

fortnite doom slayer skin

Epic Games / Bethesda

The Doom Guy has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, likely to do with the re-emergence of Doom as a franchise back in 2016. The latest installment arrived in 2020 to critical acclaim.

Now, this character is showing up in Fall Guys, so it’s clear that they are more than willing to share their nameless mascot. Why can’t Fortnite be next? He certainly meets the role of bounty hunter, or something close to that, so let’s get him in the future!

3. Captain Price

captain price modern warfare


Call of Duty is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, so it makes sense for it to have some representation here.

The CoD franchise does have its own thriving battle royale game with Warzone, which already features Price as an operative, but it’d be cool to see him show up in Fortnite. So far, there’s nothing to indicate this could be the case, but the same could’ve been said about a League of Legends crossover before that happened.

Basically, there’s no reason for us to rule anything out in Fortnite anymore, so if there’s a collaboration out there that you want to see, you can’t shut the door on it entirely.

4. Crash Bandicoot

fortnite crash bandicoot


Before Fortnite Season 8 released and gave us a humanoid unicorn thing, there was no way we’d even consider Crash Bandicoot for a list like this. However, Fortnite has shown that it possible to have such a character, so Crash makes sense.

With Nintendo seemingly unwilling to share their properties, we can instead shift focus toward another platforming legend. It’s really between Crash or Sonic the Hedgehog, but we don’t think the world is ready to see a tall Sonic.

While Crash is known primarily as a PlayStation mascot, he’s going multi-platform over the years, so why not just show up in Fortnite to cap it all off?

5. Geralt

geralt fortnite

CD Projekt Red

What better way to close out this list than with Geralt of Rivia himself? The Witcher 3 is one of the most beloved games of all-time, and that doesn’t change even with the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

An appearance back in Fortnite Season 5 would have made a lot of sense for Geralt as Witchers actually are hunters, so it could easily have been explained. Even now, it makes sense because Epic just adds crossovers for the sake of crossovers at this point.

Now, it might be hard to picture Geralt using guns, but considering we’re already seeing Batman and Thor doing the same thing, we imagine people would get used to it pretty fast.

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