Fortnite Data Shows Where Players Die Most at Salty Towers

fortnite salty towers eliminations

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The return of Tilted Towers, renamed Salty Towers in Fortnite Season 5, was one of the most popular aspects of this new season, so it’s not surprising to see this still being one of the most heavily contested drop spots.

When Tilted Towers was first introduced all the way back in Chapter 1, it quickly became the spot for people to land who wanted to get into early engagements and hone their skills. As a result, a lot of people quickly found out that they weren’t getting out of the POI alive.

Even with the change to Salty Towers, players are still landing here and getting eliminated right away. You might not have asked this question, but if you’re ever wondering where people are eliminated the most, you can now find that answer.

Thanks to Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi, you can take a look at the heat map and see where players are typically wiped out.

Where Are People Dying?

In the first image, you can see Salty Towers, and unsurprisingly the spot where players are eliminated most is that large building in the center.

Of course, people are still dying all over the POI, but a lot of people aim to land at the top of the building, and if they do so without securing a weapon, they often find themselves with a one-way ticket back to the lobby pretty fast.

As an added bonus, you can also take a look at Lazy Lake, where people also seem to gravitate towards the center buildings.

What Does Any of This Mean?

At the end of the day, this isn’t likely to cause anybody to switch up their landing spots, but it is cool to look at so many people all decided to land, and die, in the same spots.

What could actually mix this up is some new POIs, and we might actually be on the verge of getting one in the coming days if these teases are anything to go off.

We’re still waiting for Season 5 to actually kick the storyline into high gear, so this latest round of teases might be the push we need to see some new POIs come into the game. Stay tuned!

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