Fortnite Teases Return of Drift Storyline From Chapter 1

fortnite drift tease

Epic Games

The reason a lot of strange things are happening in Fortnite Season 5 is the fact that the Zero Point is exposed, which has allowed Jonesy to scour various universes and bring in iconic characters from several different franchises.

Up until now, that’s all that’s been going on, but on January 24, Epic dropped their biggest tease yet and it’s the return of Drift from the original Season 5 in Chapter 1.

That’s right, Chapter 1 is getting tied back into the plot of this season, which was shown to us a little bit at the beginning with Tilted Towers making a return.

Now, what this all means remains to be seen, but this is our first time actually seeing some major plot elements for this season unfolding right in front of our eyes.

Drift Tease

It appears that Jonesy is searching for somebody to help him contain the Zero Point, so his journey has taken him back to Chapter 1 to look for Drift.

From the sounds of this tease, it would appear that he did indeed locate the character, but what the plan is now remains to be seen.

Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR says that this could end up being a tease for the next Crew skin, which would mean it’ll likely be a variant of the Drift skin since many players already have that unlocked.

We’ll likely be finding out if that’s indeed the case in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that.

Lucky Landing Teaser?

fortnite lucky landing

Epic GamesLucky Landing?

Fortnite’s new Twitter header shows the Fox Clan hopping across several rooftops, which might just be the Drift skin tease itself, but fans are noticing those buildings look familiar.

Anybody who remembers Lucky Landing will immediately point out that this appears to be that POI, so maybe we might be looking at a return of this location soon.

The Zero Point has been pulling characters out of it, so why can’t it pull out whole POIs? This location was never an extremely popular drop spot, but considering we haven’t had many new locations this season, we’re sure this would end up being a welcome change.

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